I’m in Love with SickGear

So as part of my duties here at QuickBox, I write all of the Knowledge Base articles. And as I was going through a big to-do list, one of the things that popped up was the use of SickGear.

I had previously avoided this as I didn’t really like it at the time, and I thought it was too complicated for me to use. However, I needed to download it and install it on my server so that we could get some articles created – and boy am I pleased that I’ve done so!

Whilst I had some issues getting it to connect with ruTorrent (which you can find out how to do here) as soon as I did it, and added some shows, I was so pleased!

First of all, I use trakt.tv to see my viewing and watch out for new movies and TV shows that come up. SickGear has a fantastic integration service into this. I can quickly and easily find new shows, and get them added in. When they’re updated/added, I can get them downloaded. This is amazing!

Secondly, there is the scheduled view so I can see what is coming up this week as soon as I launch the app! This is such a great feature!

Now I’m still testing and building out SickGear before I make the big move from Sonarr to this, but with the results I’ve had so far, I’m really pleased! And, you can delete torrents from SickGear once they have been seeded! This is a must that I didn’t even know I needed – especially as I am a data hoarder after-all!

There are some downsides though. With a library of over 500 shows, I cannot import everything all at once. CloudFlare gives me a 411 error message because of the amount of shows I’m trying to import in. Fair enough – but I want to be able to add all of my shows at once and not have to click through adding them in small batches.

Secondly, once I do add those shows in, it doesn’t tell me that they’re already added. The list doesn’t update or similar! This is so annoying especially when I have over 500 shows to add. I don’t want to keep adding in shows I’ve already added in.

I’m going to continue with both Sonarr and SickGear for the moment until I can migrate stuff across and I want to see how quickly SickGear can grab shows when they are released.

Do you use SickGear? How about Sonarr? What are your favourite things about it? I’d be interested in finding out!

EDIT: So after importing a few TV shows, and letting SickGear complete the import, I actually found that it does remove it from the list to import. This was something I wasn’t expecting and I’m really pleased that it does this. I was clearly being too impatient with the application!

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