QuickBox Pro v2.4.3

This version has been released on Friday, May 21, 2021.

This version is considered a maintenance patch release. In this release I have set in some additional improvements to build packages for various software applications. This will be an ongoing process to ensure improvements on the current v2 iteration of QuickBox Pro. Most notable of these is the additional/enhancement of the ability to upgrade Deluge v1 -> v2 as it is recommended to move over to the latest releases of the Deluge client supporting python3 (remember that python2 is hitting it’s deprecation limits). This can be done by simply running as root qb update deluge 1 upgrade . Configuration files and plugins installed will remain intact but may require users to simply re-enable them after the upgrade via the Deluge Web UI.

It was additionally requested that there be a robots.txt file set in place that will disallow search engines from attempting to scan the QuickBox instance, thus adding an additional layer of anonymity and “security” (yup, I put that in quotes).

Debian instances have been cropping up with fails on apt due to the php sury apt source signed keys expiring and needing to be grabbed once more, so I have added this into the update to check the signed keys and update accordingly. If you would like to run this manually then you can copy/paste the below code block as the root user:

printf "\n" | wget -q https://packages.sury.org/php/apt.gpg -O- | apt-key add - 
apt -y update

About those backups…

As it has been asked and heavily requested I am hard at work on creating a backup and restore script for QuickBox and any installed software applications. This will backup the QuickBox database as well as those applications installed. This will not backup data such as torrent files and is meant as a means for backing up the essentials on applications installed. I am working to have this issued in the next release, so stay tuned for that, it’s not too far away!

Did you know?

Many of the changes posted on the upcoming changelog I send upstream before release! Crazy right!? You can grab these recent updates by running the qb fix version command on your install.

Of course there is more!

As with every release there is more, so check the changelog below for additional details and remember to keep an eye out as there may be more added before release and most importantly…

stay human! 💓

APPS (new)
  • qBittorrent: update function added
    • qBittorrent can now be updated to tested stable releases with qb update qbittorrent
GENERAL & UI (new)
  • Added default robots.txt to disallow scanning on full qb instance


APPS (enh)
  • Bazarr: cleanup on file and improved array on pip module checking
  • Deluge: additional adjustments to qb update deluge 1 upgrade for upgrading deluge v1 -> v2
    • this adjustment ensures that plugin data stays intact.
  • Filebot: syntax wrapping on build package
  • Nextcloud: ensure that any remaining archive from building package are removed should they exist
    • this reduces any conflicts with attempts to update and/or reinstall at future times.
  • Ombi: if converted db from sqlite->mysql drop the database on removal
  • pyLoad: edits to the handling of array values on pip modules for the build
  • SABnzbd: removed unused flag variables and bumped version to 3.3.0RC2
    • update array loop on sabnzbd update package.
    • updates to build and update functions.
GENERAL & UI (enh)
  • Ensure that signed keys on Debian are updated should they be expired for php apt sources


APPS (fix)
  • AutoDL-IRSSI: ensure gui-server-password is passed to users config if rutorrent is installed
  • AutoDL-IRSSI: adjustments to version scraping on build/update
  • Calibre: positional adjustment to build actions
  • Jackett: updated version scraping on Jackett build package
    • update version scraping on Jackett updater.
  • Subsonic: ensure removal of service file on uninstall
GENERAL & UI (fix)
  • Addressed rtorrent removal from dashboard (proper find on version to remove)
  • Better handling of SMTP settings to database
  • Deluge/GUI: updates to deluge build package when running from Dashboard
    • this fixes tooltip messages for compatibility as well as proper installation methods when ran from the QB UI.
  • GUI/System Dashboard: additional improvements to custom mounts converted for netdata charts
  • qBittorrent: set additional checks on torrent session directory for torrent calc totals
  • Set absolutes on directory when updating qb for libcurl
  • Updates to unix socket importing on nginx config


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