New Gen Seedbox Install Script

A different
kind of script.

QuickBox is much more than a 'seedbox installer script'... it is a simplistic approach to achieving easy seedbox and services management from a beautifully designed dashboard. Allowing users the ability to interact with their seedbox and server on a professional grade level. With the click of a button users can install packages like Plex, SickRage, BTSync and many more... all this in a seedbox script without spending a dime!

At A Glance.

  • Intuitive

    QuickBox has been designed and developed from the ground up with simplicity in mind. Save time from the back and forth and let QuickBox do the installing and configuring for you... directly from your Dashboard! To add to the simplicity of QuickBox and to further live up to it's name, your system and QuickBox itself can be updated directly from the user dashboard. No need to focus on ssh commands that involve navigating to this directory or that directory and running this command and that command. QuickBox knows how it's built, so let it do those things for you.

  • Packages

    Currently supporting a range of packages for install such as Plex, BTSync, SickRage & RapidLeech. Feature Requests are always welcome and development is an ongoing process. As time goes on, QuickBox will continually add in new package sets that can be installed from your dashboard with one click of a mouse. Additionally, QuickBox comes completed with a custom designed ruTorrent skin [club-Swizards] created by JMSolo of QuickBox.

  • Community

    It's passion and dedication. QuickBox aims to be more than a script for install, we have a vision where everyone from all walks of life are included in the process. Torrenting has found many different types of people and given them a common ground. We have taken our love for the scene a step further and given people an opportunity to share their suggestions and feedback within our community plaza. The QuickBox project is not limited to ownership, it's a group effort that is proud to be supported by it's members.

  • Open-Source

    The QuickBox Project and the entirety of it's EcoSystem are 100% open-source... and we're damn proud to keep it this way! When placing software on your server you are entitled to know what there is and where it all goes. We have made it a goal to keep this information easily readable and easy to find. The QuickBox EcoSystem is divided up into various repositories that make relevancy a much less mundane task. Check out the Fork QuickBox tab in the menu to see the modules used to build QuickBox.


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Complimentary Widgets
for system monitoring.

  • Disk Status Widget.
    Stay on top of that space

    We've built in a complimentary widget that monitors your users current disk space usage. Never miss a beat on your disk stats and torrents loaded as the disk widget works in real time.

    Server Load Widget
  • RAM Status Widget.
    Monitor system memory

    The health of a server is key to longevity. We have built in a RAM widget that keeps you on top of your systems current memory usage. This negates the need to use top or h/top via ssh. Moreover, to avoid system swapping, we've added a clean_mem function. Clean cached memory with a single click!

    Server Load Widget
  • CPU Status Widget.
    Stat that CPU

    In our pursuit to reveal transparency of your server, we have built in a widget to monitor your CPU as it is in real time with idle vs. used percentages. As a bonus, we've added in the ability to view your CPU frequency and model of processor, as well as cache and core count.

    Server Load Widget
  • Server Load Widget.
    Take a load off

    Keep an eye on your servers current load average and system uptime. Owing to the QuickBox design and model of simplicity, we have incorporated a widget that keeps track of these important details all without needing to check h/top via your console.

    Server Load Widget
  • Package Management Center.
    Application Management Made Easy

    We have added in the Package Management Center as a means to easily maintain your systems packages. This is not only a cleaner presentation to your available and installed packages, but is a bit more informative as to what they actually are.

    Server Load Widget


Enjoy the sweet skins of a customized ruTorrent.

club Swizards - designed by QuickBox creators exclusively for Swizards and passed on to you!

Go on, try it.

The Original Open-source Seedbox Dashboard

Get ready for a unique dashboard experience coupled with simple system management. It's a FREE provider-grade user panel, you bring the server and we'll bring the QuickBox!



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