QuickBox Pro v2.4.2

This version has been released on Saturday, April 17, 2021.

This version is considered a maintenance patch release. In this release we have a few fixes on various software that have updated their build requirements. We’ve additionally posted some updates to the build packages for the torrent clients Deluge, QBittorrent, and rTorrent. These updates will maintain reliability on the builds as well as to aid in speeding up the initial build process.

RSA requirements have been upped on the self-signed certificates for both the certs for the dashboard on the install as well as vsftp. Let’s talk about that real quick!

There have been reports from users stating they can no longer login to their servers via FTP. This is due to the new RSA requirements on the self-signed certificates. These are of course patched on the update, but should you encounter any issues, try the following:

Copy and paste the entire code block below as the root user…

openssl req -config /root/.openssl.cnf -x509 -nodes -days 720 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout /etc/ssl/private/vsftpd.pem -out /etc/ssl/private/vsftpd.pem

Once you have copy/pasted issue a restart to vsftpd with service vsftpd restart . You should now be able to access your FTP once more. As per the usual, make sure you are connecting on your FTP port and with TLS/SSL Explicit Encryption to ensure proper security on your FTP connections.

Important mentions:

Sonarr is no longer using the phantom-develop branch and is instead now moved over to develop. So if you have any issues on updating your Sonarr from the UI do make sure you have updated. You can find he setting under Settings > GeneralUpdates (make sure to select the option to show advanced settings). The updater does not touch your config file for Sonarr so this may need to be adjusted manually, however, the qb update sonarr 3 USERNAME does pull from the newest/latest develop branch.

Jackett is now adhering to FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard). This means that Jackett is now built to /opt/USERNAME/Jackett which where by the FHS standards is the typical location for optional/additional software packages to be stored. Some users have reported that Jackett is no longer accessible and/or working after updating within Jackett. To address this and get onboard with the new standards you can run our complimentary updater with qb update jackett USERNAME. This will keep your current configurations in place but will move Jackett from the /home directory and into the /opt directory under the users assigned (ie; see the start of this paragraph).

Filebot has been fixed for Deluge post-processing! This was brought to my attention and after some testing on my end as well as the users facing this complication is now successfully renaming/moving accordingly. Thanks for that report!

What happened to the weekly developer updates?

I’ve had this asked a couple of times as this is now week 3 without any posting on the progress. In short, life. This has been a hard month for several of the QuickBox.IO staff, development and support. With this being the case it is best that the developments slow a bit on the v3 front so time can be had with family during the difficult time. We are family here at QuickBox.IO and we have an unwavering respect for one another and there is nothing more important than spending time with the ones you love… QuickBox can wait.

This does not imply that all developments on v3, nor v2 have stopped to a grinding halt, only that things have slowed down a bit as we don’t have all hands on deck. v3 developments are certainly still underway but at this point there is honestly nothing exciting to report as it deals with a lot (A LOT) of conversions and rewriting the code, so me reporting I converted these 2 dozen functions just isn’t something that is all that exciting. With the slight delay on v3 I am still hard at work on posting fixes and additional enhancements to the current v2 iteration, as seen here with this release. So definitely don’t feel as though nothing is going on. Work and supporting our users still moves along as does the night and day, so there will always be more to look forward to. Just know that things have slowed a bit as we support those on staff struggling, so please keep that in mind as some of us are having a very hard time but still put our best selves forward to support those that support us… all of you!

Of course there is more!

As with every release there is more, so check the changelog below for additional details and remember to keep an eye out as there may be more added before release and most importantly…

stay human! 💓


APPS (enh)
  • Deluge set python3-pil and python3-pip depends if using focal
  • qBittorrent: update qBittorrent to static build
  • rTorrent: use deb package to install rTorrent
  • SABnzbd: bump build version (v3.2.1)
  • xTeVe: stage backup on install/update/reinstall
GENERAL & UI (enh)
  • Better handling on mcrypt across supported Distro
  • Webconsole: renaming of console nginx reverse to be more relevant (.webconsole.conf)


APPS (fix)
  • Deluge: ipv6 incompatible problem on deluge 2.0.3
  • Filebot: addressed bad post processing with Deluge
  • Flexget: hardcoded username on FlexGet login page
  • Jackett: adhere to FHS on builds. Jackett is now installed and updated to /opt/USERNAME/Jackett
  • Netdata: ensure that vm.dirty checks are only inserted if they don't already exist in the sysctl.conf
  • Netdata: signal systemctl daemon-reexec after applied changes to system.conf
  • Sonarr: addressed install/update link on version grabbing (phantom-develop converted to develop)
  • xTeVe: corrected bad stream sub_filter override on nginx reverse
GENERAL & UI (fix)
  • Ensure interface polled is set on import of update
  • Ensure resilio-sync service is fully shutdown by the user
  • Improved mount point conversion if setting custom mount point for reading disk space
    • this properly converts the given mount path to a format that Netdata understands for chart display.
  • On update mcrypt can now be installed directly from apt source php7.4-mcrypt
    • install apt depend and enable the mcrypt module accordingly. No more needing to insert on php.ini
  • Remove leftover mcrypt.so extension calls from php.ini as the module is now directly loaded via phpenmod
  • UI/System Index: pull bw data for download from net config api and not system.net
    • some systems and how they are configured are better suited to read from the net.interface API from netdata rather than the total received system.net.
  • Updated btsync controls with user preference
  • Updated url on completion message of btsync


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