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QuickBox Pro – Subscription

QuickBox Pro – Subscription

From: $5.00 for 1 month

5604.55 USD/BTC
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42.31 USD/LTC

Your complete Seedbox Management System.

Say goodbye to having to deal with command line arguments, QuickBox Pro provides the ability for users to handle all aspects of seedbox management from a central GUI. The beloved Dashboard!

Introducing a unique interface that no other publicly available script or seedbox application provides.


Please be advised that QuickBox Pro is a different setup than the current iteration of QuickBox Community. At this time, there is no current upgrade path. As a result, Pro requires a fresh install to run.


QuickBox Addons

Being placed on the QuickBox DNS is a one-time fee of $5! This will give you a unique subdomain to be used with SSL certificates and more on the QuickBox.IO domain. (ex:
For a one-time fee, let QuickBox verified Staff take care of the installation of your QuickBox Pro application on your server.
Select up to 5 of your favorite applications. QuickBox will donate $5 on every purchase to the applications of your choosing! If 5 are selected, that's $1 per application to donate.
TIP: Hold Ctrl key and select with your mouse to choose multiple options.
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Minimum Server Requirements

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