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Your complete Seedbox & Media Server Management System. 

Say goodbye to having to deal with command line arguments, QuickBox Pro provides the ability for users to handle all aspects of seedbox management from a central GUI. The beloved Dashboard!

Introducing a unique interface that no other publicly available script or seedbox application provides.

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Minimum System Requirements.

This table represents the ideal minimal system resources needed for running the QuickBox Dashboard. This table does not represent what additional applications may require. Please consult those applications own documentation for more specifics on their individual requirements.
modern single core CPU, dual core recommended
Hard disk space:
10GB minimum
Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 & Debian 9/10
Virtualization (if VM):
KVM – do not use on OpenVZ
Additional OS image notes:
  • Use x86_64 images – Does not support 32-bit
  • Server images – minimal preferred
  • ARM architecture is not supported
  • Do not use in conjunction with other server control panel software such as cPanel or Webmin. These software will conflict with QuickBox and overwrite any adjustments made necessary by the web stack for QuickBox to properly function

Member Reviews.

2 reviews for QuickBox Pro – Subscription

  1. techied (verified owner)

    Quickbox is awesome, and totally worth the price in my opinion. It simplifies and streamlines the install of every application! It turns a day-long setup, install, and configuration chore for torrenting utilities (Sonarr, Plex, etc) into a super easy system which lets you manage multiple users and view system stats too! I highly recommend it.

  2. SuissoNaBisso (verified owner)

    ok guys, must be clear first. I am not at all related to Quickbox community, just joined the adventure 2 days ago.
    I was previously using a seedbox from a 3rd party provider, so didn’t have any root access etc…clearly I was a newbie to seedbox script. When I decided to get my dedicated server and install a seedbox, I discovered Quickbox on many forums (as you all did I guess), and decided to first try the community version. Was pretty easy to install I must say but still I went through many struggles, and couldn’t find all the answers to my questions from the community forum etc…one of the big thing was to install filebot which is only included on PRO version. So I decided to get the pro version. Got it installed in like 20 minutes, so easily while I was getting all my questions answered live on the discord dedicated channel. The PRO dashboard is quite amazing and everything is very easy to set up from apps to domain name. It just take minutes to execute. And if there is something going wrong the only reason is that you made something wrong and then the support community is here to help ! Support staff can even help you with other commands not related to Quickbox, they actually helped me out to transfer files from my old seedbox to new server. And that’s what I was exactly looking for…a big community to share with and get help from ! and that’s what it should always be ! Thanks again @Quickbox ! 🙂

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