QuickBox Pro v2.0.1

This version has been released on Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

This version is considered a patch version. Though it may be a small patch, the enhancements are big! We’ve made several adjustments to views on various panels within the QuickBox dashboard. One such issue was the ugly scrollbars that were being displayed on graph panels on the System Index page in FireFox and Edge browsers. These have been adjusted and should now be a much more enjoyable display of aesthetic. Additional to the aesthetic adjustments, we have corrected some of the remaining lock conversion issues on dashboards. Various multi-user applications will now properly display their status panels from user to user. Furthermore, python on certain applications has been updated on the systemd service files. This will ensure that the proper version of python is used to initiate the systems services.

As per the usual, check out the changelog below for more details!

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