QuickBox Pro v2.4.1

This version has been released on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.

This version is considered a maintenance patch release. This update contains some enhancements to our current AJAX standards as well as fixes some lingering issues with apt after the recent downtimes and 404 issues on various sources due to the recent OVH fire. Furthermore we’ve included some additional fixes to various dashboard functions as we edge closer to v3. Rather than waiting on the v3 launch we have decided to go ahead and port some of these enhancements into the current v2 iteration.

One of the biggest reasons we have decided to issue this release is the current apt building problems as seen with Netdata. We had moved away from source in favor of apt builds, however building Netdata directly from their source seems to be a more reliable path. The release addresses this issue and will reset the build file for Netdata. After updating you should run a qb reinstall netdata YOUR_USERNAME.

It is worth mentioning the fixes and enhancements included in this release have already been pushed upstream and can be grabbed with a qb fix version. This release is simply to alert those that are not taking notice of the announcements on the website or have not joined us within Discord (where we have talked about this and provided the solutions already)

With all that said, we’re not too far off from v3 and we have a roughly estimated timeline of around a month until we are able to launch v3. This is after the additional work to be done and we’re guessing around a weeks time for testing. If you haven’t been following along with our V3 Developer Updates, you can check those articles at the link below:

V3 Developer Updates

Of course there is more!

As with every release there is more, so check the changelog below for additional details and remember to keep an eye out as there may be more added before release and most importantly…

stay human! 💓


GENERAL & UI (enh)
  • Improved asset loading on ajax arrays
  • Set torrent count on clients to array of only if installed


APPS (fix)
  • Deluge: remove hold on packages during removal/reinstall
  • Netdata: build from source
GENERAL & UI (fix)
  • Address updated memcached and igbinary dependencies
  • Set default list view on user creation
  • Signal php service reload on user creation to ensure services reflect properly
  • System Dashboard: resolved an issue with deferred jquery (firefox compatibility)
  • Updated registration functions
  • Users created in CLI should be registered as a default without any additional admin verification


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