v3 Developer Updates (week 5)

Another Friday, another update!


The core system scripts will have been completely rewritten by tomorrow (only a couple left!). All that remains following this is the conversion of the software scripts and the final implementation of some new features! So far I’ve managed to reduce the code line-count from 20,222 to only 3,638! It’s a massive change (82%), and as you can imagine, the framework is dramatically quicker.

Now that I’m a bit closer to the finish line I’ve managed to give some thought to some new features for v3! Some of these have been mentioned before (like the Plugins)…but let’s look at another one!


QuickBox v3 will feature an optional API. This is primarily for the developers among you. While I’ve only completed the framework for this, it’ll allow you to run various QuickBox commands and retrieve information. The daemon that runs for the API has read and write tokens so that QuickBox functionality can be safely built into applications and webpages. Here’s a quick screenshot of it:

(This is currently in Alpha state so please ignore the response codes being incorrect)


This week we ran into some trouble with the database and how it handles the sheer number of requests that the dashboard is making. While we were originally concerned about this, I’ve managed to implement queuing on the requests and the database is currently handling the dashboard perfectly (It’s worth noting that the queues are for microseconds and there is no noticeable impact at all).

While this has managed to fix the symptom, the problem is being caused by a load of un-needed AJAX scripts on the dashboard. JM will be going through these over the coming weeks and either removing them or moving the required scripts to run on page load only.


@JMSolo 👑 has carried on with the groups this week, I’m not sure if I should be sharing this but have a look at this WIP gif of the groups!

(If I wasn't supposed to share this my bad, you can't fire me, I quit etc)

Aesthetic changes

We’ve both seen a few messages expecting the dashboard to look different with v3. As we want to correctly manage expectations it’s worth pointing out that v3 is primarily a code overhaul. While CLI aesthetics will be different, the dashboard will keep its current look…it’ll just be a whole load snappier!


And that’s the end of the update for this week!


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