QuickBox Pro v1.3.0

This version was released on Saturday, March 30, 2019.

This version is considered a Maintenance Release. We have completely rewritten our application central core management to make things much easier for those CLI savvy users. By popular demand all applications and functions are now called through the qb command, much like the ever so popular box within our Community Edition. This allows applications to be installed/removed with examples such as qb install sickgear USERNAME, qb install plex, qb remove sickgear USERNAME, qb remove plex, etc… Please note that this is the first iteration of this release, additional commands as previously stated are to be released next Friday.

Another request was the ability to uninstall QuickBox and all subsequent data from applications. By running the command qb remove quickbox you will now be able to completely wipe QuickBox and all reverse/apps/data (does not remove /home/USERNAME) and deactivate your current activation key. This is useful if you are wanting to reinstall QuickBox due to server issues, moving, or to simply reinstall in the event of a bad installation. Again, a word of caution, this removes everything other than the /home/USERNAME directories.

Of course there is more to this release, so check out the changelog below for a few more details.

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