Is my site online?

How often have you had a user report to you, “I can’t access your server” but you can do it perfectly fine? Have you ever wondered how often your server goes offline? In this blog post, we’re going to talk about status monitoring and how you can set it up for free.

I use StatusCake to manage my alerts for my server. It’s got some great statistics and a lot of servers for multiple testing. It can be used professionally or like me, use it for free to tell you when your server is offline.


By default, every 5 minutes StatusCake scans for my server with 2 connections to check to see if it is online or not. If it’s not, then I will get a Telegram message and through to 2 new emails.

It has fantastic integrations and you can choose how you want to find out about your server. In addition, it also suggests common fixes depending on the error causing your server to go offline.

You can upgrade to their professional subscription and it gives you better reporting, more integrations and more testing servers and more.

Now I hear some people go “Why should I monitor my server?” Well you should monitor it so that you can provide a great service to your users. Minimise your downtime. and get people to cancel their NetFlix subscription!!!!!

I love this platform personally and I love how it provides me a service for free. As I say this is NOT a sponsored post, as we are not linking to their page. I personally use this and I love this and it is one of the many tools I use for free that make things easier for me.

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