Why use a DNS service to manage your Dashboard?

Have you ever been in the position where ruTorrent goes offline and you don’t have access to your computer or server to refresh that service? Have you ever had it where you’ve woken up in the morning, wanting to watch your favourite TV show on Plex only to find out that Sonarr went offline whilst you were sleeping?

If this sounds familiar, I’ve been in the same boat. Especially when you have other users who rely on your media server and their favourite shows or films haven’t downloaded properly. Not having access to your dashboard outside of your local network is really a pain and can be disappointing for users who might have to wait until you get home.

Using a DNS service to resolve your dashboard to a domain is the simple answer to this issue. Being able to access your dashboard with just an internet connection and an internet browser can be a saviour. In addition, being able to see the status of your server at any time can help you easily and quickly avoid issues before they happen – like your server space reaching it’s maximum limit.

QuickBox offers a fantastic DNS service that allows you to achieve all of this. Accessing your dashboard through a subdomain that’s managed by a trusted provider helps you ensure you can provide the best service to all of your users. Just by browsing to <username>.quickbox.io makes the process so much easier.

QuickBox offers this DNS service for a one time fee of just $5 – no additional or hidden costs! With a service that is 99% reliable, with such ease of use, you would get fantastic value out of this amazing service.

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