Using the “Telegram” App for Messaging (Part 1 of 5 posts)

Managing my server, I am a very mobile guy. I like mobile apps for managing things and in a series of blog posts, I will be explaining the good and the bad of each app and why I use them. You can make your own opinion and share what you use to help the community grow.


I am using an iPhone X purchased in 2017 here in the UK. This is my go-to every day device. I do not own a tablet device at this stage.

I also own a Dell Intel Core i7-770HQ 2.8Hz with 8GB of RAM with a GTX 1050 in as well.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a mobile messaging app that was designed to be secure. You start off using the mobile app and then you can use it on other devices. I use telegram to send me messages when things are added onto my server, and when my server goes offline, and tells me when there is an update as well.

All of my server communications comes through Telegram. Most of the applications I run integrate with telegram and it’s a fantastic service.

Why I use Telegram?

It’s because the communication is really fast! I absolutely love the low latency from click to receiving the message. It’s brilliant! I also love how the adoption of Telegram has made it so useful. I know of lots of different bots and group messaging apps and other things as well which is great!

I also love how there are desktop versions and web based versions of the platform too and it’s great!

Why I don’t love Telegram?

I’m not a coder. I have never been a coder. I can do HTML and a bit of PHP to get by and that’s about it. I don’t know anything else and I have tried. I tried to learn how to make iOS and Android apps through Swift and other languages. Tried different online courses and couldn’t find any that I actually wanted to sit through and learn. I got bored, and frustrated very quickly. But I love this technology!

Making bots and chats should be much easier. I wanna be able to create an awesome chat bot with custom responses about different things, but you can’t as you’ve gotta host a special kind of server and do some stupid wacky coding stuff. Make it easier!

I think the adoption of the platform would take off if they made it easier to make bots!

I wanna use Telegram. How do I start?

If you wanna setup a Telegram bot, there are plenty of guides and so you can find them online.

Use the guides below to connect Telegram into Sonarr and Radarr.

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