Usenet vs Torrents – What’s the difference?

So in the most recent days, I’ve been experimenting with Usenet to get content instead of using torrents and so far my experience has been flawless.

Using NZBGet I’m able to download pretty much anything and everything that I could want and it gets updated straight into my rclone setup, and it available in Plex within 15 minutes. This is truly amazing!

Whilst it does have some setup costs involved, I am so happy to have this and not having to rely on other people seeding content when the content itself is straight away available to download. There is no ratio to manage, and once you have the file, you don’t need to keep it on your server for any length of time.

Whilst I love torrenting and seeding, I will never give it up. But I do love the freedom that Usenet has given me when I want to download content. I’m now using both torrent and Usenet sources to get my content and it’s working like a treat.

You have to be prepared to do quite a bit of setup and follow specific guides about getting it set up for Sonarr and Radarr but once it’s working, you won’t ever have to touch it or do anything. I’m a data hoarder, and I love getting content as quickly as it is released. How about you? Do you also use a mix of different sources?

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