QuickBox Pro v2.4.0

This version has been released on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

This version is considered a maintenance release and will be the last of the major releases within the current v2 iteration of QuickBox Pro. This update contains some small fixes to existing software, as well as works to prepare servers for the 3.0.0 update when that becomes available. We’re opting for incremental updates to ensure that the change over to v3 is smooth and without issue.

As v2.4.0 is due to go live this weekend some are wondering why the long stint between releases, we do offer monthly releases correct? Absolutely! Many of you whom have done a qb fix version in the past couple of days are in fact, already using the patches and updates contained within v2.4.0! Rather than spending a great deal of time posting up new versions we opted for simply posting updates as hotfixes within the current v2.3.9 release. This saved some time on things as much of our energy and focus has been and will be on the upcoming v3.0.0 release. However, to keep things transparent for those that have not posted a fix version as no update alerts have been posted, we decided to roll this out as the last big release of the v2 family!

There’s a lot that goes into this release and we have those listed in the changelog below. Again, please be advised that this will be our last v2 release, so any additional updates posted can be grabbed with a qb fix version. If you’re not already on our Discord, try hopping in there as we post loads of information to keep members updated on current developments and any hotfixes that may be released.

If you’d like to follow along with our current developments with QuickBox Pro v3 be sure to check out our weekly updates! Below are the current articles posted for anyone interested in catching up:

Of course there is more!

As with every release there is more, so check the changelog below for additional details and remember to keep an eye out as there may be more added before release and most importantly…

stay human! 💓


GENERAL & UI (new)
  • 3.0.0 update staging


APPS (enh)
  • Cleanup of remaining service files on app uninstall
    • medusa, nzbhydra2, tautulli, znc
  • LECert: hardening ciphers and dynamic pull of valid resolvers for ssl stapling
  • Netdata: improved builder for build/update times
    • Further improvement of performance set to install/update from apt .deb rather than full manual compile
  • Ombi: improved builds/updates as we now install directly via apt
  • SABnzbd: bump version to 3.2.0
GENERAL & UI (enh)
  • Extended validation checks on users within app builds
  • Updated php7.4 packages now ported over from upstream maintainers


APPS (fix)
  • BTSync: addressed the output url on build completion
  • Couchpotato: adjustments on the build for git pulling
    • please note this is a temporary adjustment as Couchpotato will be removed from the application lineup come v3 of QuickBox Pro
  • Filebot: include an update function qb update filebot USERNAME
  • LazyLibrarian: ensure removal of service file on uninstall
  • Mylar3: addressed build completion link output
  • Mylar3/Tautulli: tweak python3 version on service files for Debian 9
    • python3.5 soon to be deprecated and applications dropping support, using python3.8 as compiled on builds
  • NZBGet: addressed spelling error on nginx reverse path during the build
  • NZBHydra2: addressed oracle java versioning on build
  • Ombi: adjust permissions on updater
  • Sickchill: ensure proper edit of build values on config.ini
  • Sickchill: additional config backup and removal adjustments
  • Tautilli: python version grabbing on build
  • Transmission (minor): adjusted completion message link on build
  • XteVe: update and removal adjustments
GENERAL & UI (fix)
  • Additional adjustments on plex install from GUI when using claim token
  • Additional edits to user_exists function on software builds
  • Addressed faulty badge wrapping on user level display
  • Addressed member status not reporting properly on user admin view
  • Addressed versioning imprint on install
  • Filebot dashboard installer (ensure filebot is in data array for GUI function)
  • On user Admin demotion, demote to proper registered user level
  • Updated api pulling for Sickchill to dashboard display
  • Updated outputs for better info on login errors
  • Updated user level posting on registration values given
  • Set function on check for emby in PMC
  • Set meta properties on landing pages


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