QuickBox Pro v2.3.4

This version has been released on Monday, August 3, 2020.

This version is considered a maintenance/enhancement release. What a fun release this is! We’ve been hard at work skimming through feature requests and have selected some of the higher voted items on the list. Of these we have officially included support for the long awaited Radarr v3 (honestly one of my favorites as we can do away with requiring mono! Tip top work fellas!), a qb reinstall feature to easily uninstall/install without needing to run the commands uninstall/install; so this is a pleasant time saver! We have also included an option on the User Registration settings page that allows the System Admin to set a default quota allowance for newly registered/created users; wow another time saver!

But my Feature request isn’t included!?

You know who you are

No worries! We’re always checking Feature Requests and working to include as many as we can, within a solid time-frame and testing. If you have a Feature Request waiting, be sure to hawk it to other users, don’t be hesitant, let the community know to vote on yours. We gauge according to popularity (a simple thumbs up or +1 comment will do). Without any votes it’s up to the QuickBox.IO team to decide and we usually pick according to conversations happening in the Discord/Plaza sphere, or whatever we think is suitable at the moment and will be most used. So go vote!

Additional to the Feature Requests we have been working hard on additional stability for those of us running the latest Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Distro. Check out the changelog below for all the nitty gritty and feel free to ask us any questions in our Discord should you have any.

Oh yeah, before I completely forget, we’ve updated our changelog format as you can see below. This is to ensure a faster load time on the pages as well as visibility. This aids in being able to use a more developed structure for navigation… again… we’re all about making things easy for you.

Hey! How about a pro-tip!?
Did you know that if you were to run a qb fix version you can get all these awesome updates before the official release? No kidding, we’re super sneaky that way. Don’t tell anyone though….

Most importantly: Stay Human! 💓


APPS (new)
  • pyload: build in qb update pyload USERNAME
  • Radarr: added v3 install option for build
    • qb update radarr + USERNAME (to upgrade Radarr from v2 to v3)
    • qb update radarr 2 USERNAME (to update Radarr v2)
    • qb update radarr 3 USERNAME (to update Radarr v3)
    • qb install radarr 2 USERNAME (to install Radarr v2)
    • qb install radarr 3 USERNAME (to install Radarr v3)
GENERAL & UI (new)
  • Added new qb function – qb reinstall APPNAME ETC


APPS (enh)
  • AutoDL: removed autodl2.cfg from user creation as it is now deprecated
  • Filebrowser: bump version to v2.4.0
  • Grafana: bump version to 7.0.6
  • noVNC: set firefox-esr on Debian Distro
  • RTorrent (Ubuntu 20): bump libgcrypt11-dev to libgcrypt20-dev on the build
    • removed cfv from build depends list as well since it has not yet been ported over to Ubuntu 20
  • Sonarr: adjusted lock processing on build
GENERAL & UI (enh)
  • Updated php loader
  • Deluge/GUI (PMC): added compatibility notice to Deluge v1 if on Ubuntu 20.04


APPS (fix)
  • security: Set additional proxy headers and bind on localhost (Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr)
    • This is a security courtesy for those not setting the proper authentication on their installs. Though we are not responsible for how users setup apps, we'll add in some layers to prevent leaked data. With this said: Please enable the auth login forms in these applications.
  • hotfix: Deluge: improve check on build should libtorrent-rasterbar.so exist
    • Check for libtorrent-rasterbar.so.10 for better checks and balances
  • Fail2ban: addressed errors from logged on build
  • Filebot: set whitespace between set_key event download for proper execution on torrent completion
  • Grafana: addressed an issue where on qb update/fix version multiple port bindings were added to the database
  • hotfix: Jellyfin: added missing source list for U20 on build
  • hotfix: Lecert: added additional checks on certificate generation
    • Build will now exit should the certificate be 0kb in size, keeping configs in place as default to reduce errors
  • Mylar3: update init.d template to properly start/stop service process and pid
  • Netdata: added cmake to build to ensure all dependencies are met
  • Nextcloud: send mcrypt to php7.3 libraries for the build
  • noVNC: address dependencies install on build
  • NZBHydra: addressed an issue where systemd templates were overwriting service values on build for additional users
  • phpMyAdmin: set proper removal variables to ensure database submissions are removed
  • Quassel: updated build file dependencies to work with Ubuntu 20.04
  • SABnzbd/Mylar3: added jaraco.collections module to python3 for builds
  • SickGear: updated apt dependencies for build on Ubuntu Focal
  • Sonarr: adjusted appid values for build/update
GENERAL & UI (fix)
  • Addressed disk usage meter for users on user admin page
  • Addressed issues on user registration (instant/admin activation methods)
    • If Instant or Admin activations are enabled users registering were not being created properly and values were not passing properly to system admin to activate the users.
    • Removed option for email activations on user registration as we are currently not using a mailing system. User email are for admin purposes and manual contact only.


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