QuickBox Pro v1.6.0

This version has been released on Sunday, May 26, 2019.

If you are not receiving an update notice please run sudo su -, followed by qb fix version. This will address the update for the notification checks process.

This version is considered a Maintenance Release. Coming off of additional reports from our outstanding community, this is a part 3 of 3 hotfix release. We’ve combed through the remaining noise and come to produce a stable release of our massive core rewrite on application handling via our built-in qb command. Additionally to a huge round of fixes and enhancements, we’ve cooked up a fun new feature in the form of auto-complete for our qb command. Check it out!

qb with that tasty tabbing auto-complete!

The new qb auto-complete works by simply typing qb, followed by hitting the tab key. From here, auto-complete does exactly what it’s supposed to, typing for instance qb in will display qb install. From there it’s up to you! We’re proud to offer a more robust CLI solution for those seeking it!

Check out our changelog below as we continue to post fixes and enhancements in preparation for this release.

Community Replies

  1. cyda says:

    Looks nice and would probably look even nicer if it worked :slight_smile:

    Found that if I tried typing - “qb update plex” it semi worked as it said user had to be specified, so typed then - “qb update plex user” and it seemed to do the job. But why make it more complicated than it was before?

    What is shown in above video doesn’t happen if you type "qb "

  2. What is shown in the video is exactly as expressed in the text. You must hit the TAB key. On some shell clients this could be once or twice. It is an auto-complete. Meaning, typing in qb in and hitting TAB with auto-complete the text to qb install.

    Additionally, the plex command for updating is qb plex update and not qb update plex, we have additionally adjusted the variables in v1.6.2 to not require the username. This is actually to ensure better modularity and ease-of-use as quickbox application commands will no longer interfere with the applications own built-in commands, ie; filebot, rtorrent, etc…

    If you are having any issues, please let us know and we will look into your problem as soon as possible. :heart:

  3. cyda says:

    I am on v1.6.2 and I had to type “qb update plex user” for it to work.

  4. cyda says:

    regarding the video clip it doesn’t show the autocomplete, it shows the options you have when you type “qb”

  5. The section where I type qb install nex I auto-complete to qb install nextcloud by hitting TAB. I am also double tabbing to reveal additional commands, again, there is going to be an update to the KB articles including the details on this.

  6. cyda says:

    No idea what the KB articles are but the “qb plex update” doesn’t do anything where as the “qb update plex user” works

  7. cyda says:

    It would also make most sense with the “qb update plex” that way it would streamline all the update commands to be “qb update blabla”

  8. Correct, that is why it is staged as qb update plex username (as multiple apps can be called for update from the update argument) - the username variable must follow as it can be assigned to a specific user. We are possibly have it reversible as well, so it will additionally run as qb plex update username

    Thanks for your input on this :slight_smile:

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