Why optimise your server?

When your CPU is constantly running high or your library search speed is running slow, clearing out junk files, and stopping services can be a really useful thing to do to make your server last longer.

I had a few issues with my server not so long ago, and I was really considering moving my server. However, after speaking with the amazing support staff here at Quickbox, I took the decision to optimize my server and I’m not looking back now!

Mischief who is one of our core developers, has this amazing script that he uses to make your server run better. By optimizing the CPU and by stopping services that aren’t being used, it has given me a get performance boost when I’m running Sonarr and Radarr heavily through a mass dump of imports.

Mischief ran some benchmarks and below are the performance increases;

As you can see the results pretty much speak for themselves. For a simple cost of only $25, your server can be optimized for best use with QuickBox as well as getting the speeds you need!

The optimization process is done by a QuickBox Guru and takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete, but after that, you will be flying in terms of your speeds and performance.

For more information on our Server Optimization, click on the button below! You won’t regret it!

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