Running 46 Streams of Plex at the Same Time

No you didn’t have a stroke or misplace your glasses. You read that title correctly. On my server, using my setup, I have had 46 active streams at once.

I can see you reading there thinking to yourself that this must be some form of click bait article talking about how he used multiple computers acting as 1 server, or it was a watch party with 46 people.

Well, it wasn’t.

As you should know, I run my server with virtual machines, and to really stress out my server, I run 6 Plex Media Servers and share access to this server for free for people to use.

Here is the graph that shows we had 46 people who were streaming something at that very time.

This was so fantastic to see that the server was stable enough to run 46 streams. Using Grafana I am able to have various statistics all pulled directly from the applications installed with QuickBox.

Slightly off topic, but have you seen the new Dashboard in the latest version of QuickBox? Well, don’t forget we have a dedicated area for the new dashboard and the articles for that. Check that out here.

In one day, we wrote over 25 articles for the new dashboard explaining how to use the dashboard. We’ve gone through every action and everything you can do in the dashboard and provided basic steps on how to do something. It’s definitely worth checking it out.


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