Review: Late Night Chat Shows

Now I know I’m about to enter into some weird territory here however, I wanted to discuss Late Night Chat shows. Here in the UK, we do not have “The Tonight Show” or “The Late Show” style shows.

We have Graham Norton, Alan Carr and Johnathan Ross that are on weekly. None of this daily show stuff where they talk about the status of the current political climate and stuff. We do have day time shows like Loose Women (yes that’s the real name of the show you can look it up) and shows like that.

Now I love late night talk shows from the US. I like Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers and some (and only some) of James Corden too.

I would love to see the UK enter into this relm of daily talk shows that have a monologue, one or two guests, some games and some fun. It’s something that we tried a few years ago with “The Nightly Show” but it never really kicked off.

I guess it’s because we haven’t found the right talent that can hold an audience for 45 minutes, whilst being funny, edgy, comedic, and sensitive at the same time.

One of the great appeals to the late night talk shows from the US is the coverage of the president, current affairs, and their whimsical approach to what is happening in the world and they take very serious issues like mass shootings with heart and they bring some laughter during those times of need.

The US and the UK share television premises a lot. Take a look at X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Pop Idol, Killing Eve, Fleabag and so much more. We share these premises and show ideas and re-invent them for our respective audiences. Yet somehow fantastic shows like Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and others can’t be replicated for a UK audience.

Now I’m not a Film/TV Scholar and I couldn’t tell you the scientific reason behind this. However, the late night shows I think are integral to US life and I want to this see this replicated here in the UK and in other countries.

Do you live in the UK and want to see this too? What are your thoughts and feelings! I can’t wait to hear them.

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