HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!! – Competition as well!

Well…. yes…. it’s not a Friday but it is my Birthday today and so I wanted to make a Friday blog on a Thursday. Because I am your Community Liaison it’s only fair that I be self-indulged today and share in my Birthday celebrations. However, instead of bragging about me, I thought in this blog it would be a good opportunity for everyone to know a few facts about me.

2 Truths and a Lie

  • I am a classically trained singer – Tenor range
  • I lost my right foot due to a skiing accident
  • I’m completely blind on my left eye

Which one do you think is the lie? Can I sing like a dreamy classical tenor like Andrea Bocelli or Alfie Boe? Do I use a prosthetic foot to walk and look “normal”? Which do you think?

To find out which one is the lie, highlight the text below!

I lost my right foot due to a skiing accident

Highlight the text above this line

Where you expecting that? Yes! The others are completely true! Let’s not ruin the surprise for everyone else so if you want to find out more, then message me on Discord!

Why I joined the QuickBox staff?

So I’ve been dabbling in seedboxes for a while, and I had purchased managed seedboxes previously but I couldn’t get the disk space that I wanted and I found it quite restrictive in terms of what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to use my media server. I then decided that I would take the plunge a purchase a dedicated server just for me to use.

I was then researching how to install Seedbox management software on that new server and quickly and easily found QuickBox and it was the perfect choice. Still in it’s infancy during this time, it was super easy to get things installed and set up. I immediately spent some money on getting it installed professionally and I haven’t looked back since!

I had always been impressed with the level of support offered, and the responsiveness of the staff. I am a Technical Support Engineer by trade and been in Technical Support for many years and when I saw the opportunity to apply for the support role there was a simple question that I answered.

“If you could improve anything about QuickBox, what would that be?” And my answer was all around the Knowledge base system, and how as a complete novice to QuickBox, I found it difficult to find the answer to simple questions and how there were massive gaps in the Knowledge base. I believe I even suggested a few new articles.

I then got contacted by both Mischief and JMSolo who didn’t want me for the Support Staff role, but actually as a community liaison officer to help bridge the gap between the developers, the community and the Support Staff and act as a central point of contact who doesn’t know anything, but knows who to go to for issues, or advice.

Since then, I have introduced over 30 new articles, competitions, these Friday Blogs, updates to our Product Pages, new procedures for tracking issues and our Knowledge Base articles, social media channels, and some secret projects too (more information to be released at a later date)

I am so happy to be part of this fantastic community and this team. I couldn’t of asked for anymore support or guidance from people who are defiantly smarter than me and it’s great to have these people around.

Competition Time!

On our Discord channel (Learn how to connect to the discord channel here) I have launched a 24 hour competition where I am giving away not only a Pro Licence, but also a QuickBox DNS Service Package as well a £20 Amazon voucher! Come join us on the #competition channel to enter – Remember it’s only for 24 hours!


Please add bugs found in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Bug Report
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Please add feature requests for application inclusion in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Application Feature Request
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Please add feature requests for general QuickBox Pro using this template:

Select General Feature Request as the issue template
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Viewing issues as well as feature requests does not require an account.

You will need to create an account on our Lab in order to post both Issues as well as Feature Requests.
You can register an account here if you do not already have one.

We look forward to your reports as well as your ideas and suggestions for ongoing developments to the QuickBox Pro software!

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