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QuickBox Pro

QuickBox Pro

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Your complete Seedbox Management System.

Say goodbye to having to deal with command line arguments, QuickBox Pro provides the ability for users to handle all aspects of seedbox management from a central GUI. The beloved Dashboard!

Introducing a unique interface that no other publicly available script or seedbox application provides.


Please be advised that QuickBox Pro is a different setup than the current iteration of QuickBox Community. At this time, there is no current upgrade path. As a result, Pro requires a fresh install to run.


QuickBox Addons

Being placed on the QuickBox DNS is a one-time fee of $5! This will give you a unique subdomain to be used with SSL certificates and more on the QuickBox.IO domain. (ex:
For a one-time fee, let QuickBox verified Staff take care of the installation of your QuickBox Pro application on your server.
Unleash the power of automation with rclone + filebot. Automate your server with unlimited streaming capabilities utilizing Plex, unionfs, filebot, rclone and rclone caching. NOT for usenet, sorry. Uses gsuite or local setup as well
For an additional one-time fee, we will setup your Radarr and Sonarr to make use of automation that complies with filebot and rclone automation
Select up to 5 of your favorite applications. QuickBox will donate $5 on every purchase to the applications of your choosing! If 5 are selected, that's $1 per application to donate.
TIP: Hold Ctrl key and select with your mouse to choose multiple options.
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Service Description

Login and Enjoy!

The new QuickBox Dashboard:

At first glimpse, you’ll notice there is now a new Administrator menu tab. From here, as an administrator, you will be able to handle all sorts of functionality that the new QuickBox Pro ushers in.

Let’s talk about that!


We know all too well what this is. There have been several UI changes that either add additional features, or build upon a more tidy appearance that’s less cumbersome. We’ve implemented tabs for the bandwidth meter (Live, Hourly, Daily, Monthly). These are now in a graph format, rather than the previous long columns of text. Additional to this, the Package Management Center and the Service Center are now combined into a single panel.

General Settings

From the General Settings page, you can edit your QuickBox General Site Settings.

Settings you can currently adjust:

  • Site Name – Used in the title tags in the example pages and also in the mails that go out when users register and are activated.
  • Site Description – Can be used to update site description tags.
  • E-mail From Name – Used as the e-mail Display Name in outgoing e-mails such as the welcome e-mail.
  • Site E-mail Address – The Reply Address used in outgoing e-mails such as the welcome e-mail.
  • Site Root – The absolute path to the admin directory. It must end with a trailing forward slash eg,
  • Home Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your QuickBox dashboard user is assigned.
  • Login Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your user is taken to after successfully logging off.
  • Account Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your user is taken to after successfully logging in.
  • PHP Date Format – The format of the date shown throughout the admin pages (and potentially on your website) such as the Last Login Date.


From the Registration page, you can handle options to allow, disallow, and more, registration for your site.

Settings you can currently adjust:

  • Account Activation – User Activation requires the new user to activate their account by clicking a link sent to their e-mail address. Admin Activation requires an admin to activate the account using the control panel or by a link sent to their e-mail address.
  • Limit Username Characters – Limit the characters allowed in new username registrations.
  • Username Length – Minimum and maximum username length.
  • Password Length – Minimum and maximum password length.
  • Send Welcome E-mail – Whether or not to send a welcome e-mail to all new users upon registration.
  • Enable Captcha – Do I want this?
  • Username Lowercase – When set to yes, all registered usernames are made lowercase.


The settings available for adjustment currently come in three flavors:

  1. Session Settings – Change the settings regarding sessions.
    • User Inactivity Timeout – The user is logged out after the set period of inactivity. The default PHP session timeout is usually already set at 24 minutes.
    • Guest Timeout – A guest is no longer considered a guest (and counted in the whose online figures) after this set period of inactivity.
    • Reset Expiry at Logon – When set to Yes, when a user logs on with a Remember Me cookie, his expiry date will extend by the amount set below. When set to No, he will have to re-logon after the expiry date.
    • Remember Me Cookie Expiry – This is the amount of days in which the remember me cookie expires.
    • Cookie Path – The Path attribute defines the scope of the cookie. Leave as by default.
  2. User Settings – Change global settings for user accounts.
    • Allow Multiple Logins – Turn on to allow multiple logins from the same account.
  3. Security Settings

User Admin

From here, you can create, edit, suspend, delete and more. This is where QuickBox has ramped up it’s User Management system, by allowing you, the administrator, to create new users from the ease of the Dashboard. Let’s take a quick peek at how simple creating and editing a new user has become on the new QuickBox Pro.

Note: For the purposes of this demo, I have inserted an erroneous bug into the form elements on user creation. This is to demonstrate the ease of editing a created sub-user.

User Groups

From here you can create, view and edit user groups. Assign users to user groups. At the moment, this is still in development. It’s aim is to have the option to display certain elements on the condition of a specific users group.


As the page title suggests, this is where you can view a log of activity in regards to your Dashboard, as well as delete all logs, or logs within a set amount of time.


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