QuickBox Pro v2.0.7

This version has been released on Sunday, August 18, 2019.

This version is considered a maintenance release. As per our usual goodies on typical maintenance releases, we’ve added in a few exciting things that have been requested for… well… a while now!

Admin to user Global Announcements

This was requested some time ago and has been sitting on the back burner while the editor gets built-in. We’re happy that in the release of v2.0.7 the ability to now post announcements, banners, updates and whatever your heart desires is built-in. Posting an announcement is option and can be turned off and on as needed. There is a revision history list to keep track of previous announcements/listings and formatting honors copy/pasta, so yum! Check out the little video below to see the where and how of this new feature.

Now with Admin Global Dashboard Announcements!


Another big request that’s been lurking in the shadows is the addition of NZBHydra2! Oh happy day! It’s here! We’ve decided to keep NZBHydra as a standalone install option rather than packaging them together as one or the other. This is due to giving users the ability to test NZBHydra and NZBHydra2 aside from one another. Here’s why: NZBHydra runs on python; NZBHydra2 runs on java. So take your pick and do enjoy!

Of course, there are a few other updates under the hood. One such fix is the User Registration functions. It was brought to our attention that unattended activation (Immediate Activation registration option) was failing to properly build the users directories and needed content. We found it was the same bug affecting the Admin Approval option. Another glitch was resulting in our club-QuickBox theme for ruTorrent, the WOL tab was missing. We’ve patched up the css values and the tab is in good (visible) shape once more!

Thank you for the awesome reports and we’re glad to continue pushing out the fixes brought to our attention! <3

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