QuickBox Pro – v1.1.0

Version v1.1.0 introduces numerous enhancements to various system functions, providing a less cluttered command base, as well as easier command usage. Additional to these enhancements are a few added fixes to applications, notably the install of RTorrent/ruTorrent/Flood. These are now adjusted on building of either ruTorrent or Flood, if RTorrent is not installed then a default 0.9.6 will be installed first without exiting.

We have also retooled the setup binary! This ushers in a much faster and easier setup on the initial builds of QuickBox Pro. A few flags have been added to make setup easier. This also means there is no longer the need of the GUI setup. Run the script and done!

These flags will additionally make setup easier for verified resellers! Owing to the flags now in use, setup can be done with conditions to ensure a domain is pre-set, and if so, the certificate installer will run pre-setup; meaning everything required by the reseller will be set immediately upon install with no more fondling dashboards for hosting needs and offering more time elsewhere. Joy!

If you are interested in becoming a verified reseller for inclusion in the QuickBox Pro setup process, please stay tuned as we will be announcing more info on that soon.

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