QuickBox Pro – v0.8.0

Not Getting the Update?
Since the update binaries have been rewritten to include better API calls and activation, in some cases, the update is not being sent to dashboards. To grab the update, simply perform the following steps:
As root copy and paste the following into your ssh console:
cd /tmp
wget -q https://lab.quickbox.io/QuickBox/Pro/raw/master/bin/updateQuickBox && chmod +x updateQuickBox
\cp -rf updateQuickBox /etc/QuickBox/system/updateQuickBox 
wget -q https://lab.quickbox.io/QuickBox/Pro/raw/master/bin/updateNotice && chmod +x updateNotice
\cp -rf updateNotice /etc/QuickBox/system/updateNotice
sleep 3
rm -rf updateQuickBox
rm -rf updateNotice

You should now see the notice on your dashboard alert you to an update to v0.8.0 being available. Click the update notice to begin your update.

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On Friday, March 29, 2019 all License Keys previous to the new API system will be expired.