Why we Livestream on YouTube

You have noticed that this past month we have been promoting our next Livestream event on YouTube which is our Beginners Guide to QuickBox Pro event. We have spent a lot of time developing this event and the content that we are going to be providing to you and we wanted to take a moment to explain why we are doing this Livestream.

After the success of our previous Livestream event for our Community Day, we loved it. We loved interacting with our community live, and being able to joke around about the technical difficulties we had as well. We wanted to do more! However, we didn’t want to run just another Community Day. We wanted to provide content that was meaningful, and would benefit some people.

We have a lot of people using our Community Edition of QuickBox which is managed and updated by the community. However, the main core part of what we do is the QuickBox Pro platform. We’ve had feedback from our community users who basically all say the same thing. “I wish I could move to Pro, but it’s going to be difficult and I don’t know what to do”.

We have heard these users and we are currently on a way to help any community user who wishes to migrate to QuickBox Pro easily. We’ve still got some things to work out but we’re getting there.

However, we also know that we do a lot to share news, and information around Seedboxes and whilst there can be some advantages to having a shared seedbox, we really see the benefit in running your own solution. QuickBox Pro can be scary, or unfamiliar to new users and so we want to show everyone how easy it is to get QuickBox setup on a dedicated server.

So if you are that person who wants to move away from a shared seedbox and wants full control over their media server, then come check out our Livestream on Saturday the 26th of October at 10pm GMT+1 and we’ll be here to show you what to do. You can view the Livestream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU_kYUVRyE0

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