Review: Silicon Valley – A great Show for Tech Lovers, Coders, and the rest of the Geeks

Welcome to our first of series of Blog Posts talking about Reviews of TV Shows & Movies that I have personally been watching. In this series of posts, it is my intention to share with you some awesome Movies & Shows that you might of missed.

These are all my personal views and I’ll only be sharing with you my reactions, and my feelings towards them. You then have the choice of watching the show or movie, or to just enjoy my review and go about your business.

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Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a show that launched back in April 2014 and was introduced to this show a Tech friend of mine. Actually, the same guy who got me into Plex and then indeed,

After watching the first episode, I absolutely loved this show. It was so refreshing to see a show talking about a startup company (something that I was involved in at the time) going through the same troubles and issues we were. They were making fun and light of the situation and had a great attitude as well.

However, what I wasn’t expecting was how smart the show was and how realistic to life it was. There has been many interviews with the cast and creatives of the show talking about how they spoke with many people in the valley to get a real good understanding of the show.

Not only that, there is a very famous scene talking about how long it would take to….. well…. lets just say give every guy in the room an “O” face…. if you get my drift.

Copyright HBO’s Silicon Valley –

Hilariously talking about the current world, Richard Hendrix who works for Hooli (a Google like company) is working on an app that helps detects music and it’s original copyright owner.

After sharing his technology with other employees, he finds himself in a situation where Hooli wants to buy it, and Richard makes the decision to form his own company called Pied Piper (no we didn’t make that up…. go look it up).

With various misadventures with his “colleagues” or friends, we see the development of Pied Piper through all stages of funding, disasters, and public relation nightmares.

It’s final season, Season 6 finished this year and it was a fantastic season to finish on. Whilst most of the jokes in the show are not appropriate for a blog post, we would certainly go and recommend watching the show not only for it’s humour, but how it reflects the real goings on in the world of Tech at the time of filming.

I’m sad that this show has ended, however, it is something that I can and will probably binge over and over again because of how easy it is to watch. Not only that, being able to follow along with the technical jargon gives me a little ego boost.

This is not a sit-com and is more of a traditional comedy show with no laugh tracks, so you won’t be taken out of the moment. It is a show that I cannot recommend enough.

This show gets a simple 4.67 out of 5 rating from me.

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