QuickBox Pro?

What is all this talk of QuickBox Pro? A tale of intrigue and pure steaming awesomeness all packed into a next-gen application handler.

I know, sounds intense, but here’s the deal. I’ve been at QuickBox (what I’m dubbing, The QuickBox Community Version(QBCV???)) for a couple of years now. It’s been a passionate hobby that I have permitted countless upon countless hours of time. Through this tenure, I have been surprised, flattered, exasperated, exhausted, refused, exhilarated, frustrated, and 100% satisfied and proud of every step we’ve taken to get here. QuickBox was built on the idea of an open-source solution in seedbox/media server management, supported by an easy to use interface. Giving those new to the concept of a dedicated server a fair shot at not only building their dream media server, but an opportunity and a platform on which to learn and share. It’s a community driven project that could not possibly be where it is today without you! I thank you all for your interest and participation… it’s all been so fantastic!

This isn’t a cheesy notice to say goodbye, oh no, you’re not getting off that easy. This is more of an introduction to something larger than the current iteration of The QuickBox Community Version (QBCV), this is an introduction to the soon to be QuickBox Pro! Hold on to your seats, it’s been a long time in the making, but we are finally at a place where we can all talk about this!

So, what is going to be different with QuickBox Pro?

Revised installation script:

For starters, the installation script has been revamped. There are some additional options for input that users will be greeted with. What are they? Let’s find out!

Master/Admin creation:

You’ll notice that we are now sanitizing the usernames on creation. There have been issues in the past wherein a user submits a username with Caps, this can be problematic in Linux, so now we handle this process automagically!

The username and password you enter here will be added to the new QuickBox database. This is what you will use to login to the dashboard, more on all that in a bit.

Database creation:

Within the install script, you now have the option to setup your QuickBox database. Explanation:

Database Name:  This is a name you assign to your database.
Database Username:  This username can be the same as, or different than your Admin created in the step above. For security, it is advisable to name them differently from one another.
Database Password:  Again, this password can be the same as, or different than your Admin password created in the step above. For security, it is advisable to have separate passwords for the dashboard and database.

These details are stored on your local server within the /root/.quickbox/db_access_file. It will have these values stored to ensure easier login of the database within certain application packages. Usernames are now pulled directly from the database, rather than an htpasswd file.

dbuser=<the database username entered on install>
dbpasswd=<the database password entered on install>
database=<the database entered on install>

admin='mysql -sN -h localhost <the database entered on install> <<<"SELECT username FROM users userlevel WHERE userlevel = 10;"'
admin_email='mysql -sN -h localhost <the database entered on install> <<<"SELECT email FROM users userlevel WHERE userlevel = 10;"'
admin_pass=<the password entered on install>

users='mysql -sN -h localhost <the database entered on install> <<<"SELECT username FROM users userlevel WHERE userlevel = 5;"'

IFACE='mysql -sN -h localhost <the database entered on install> <<<"SELECT adapter FROM net_interface WHERE adapter = adapter;"'

Database and phpMyAdmin:

As we are now utilizing a database for user management, you will see the above output during installation. MySQL is built with the root user and a password is randomly generated, please note that these values are stored within your /root/.my.cnf file. This file allows you to communicate with the database from your dashboard, without the need to enter database username and password info. Removing this file will result in packages etc. not properly installing, so keep this in mind.

Script Completion – additional steps:

Upon completing the install script, you’ll have an additional notice. To complete your install, visit https://<Your Server IP>/install. We now bring in a web-based installer to finalize your QuickBox GUI and database installation.

New GUI for finalizing your new QuickBox install:

Requirements: This screen ensures all requirements are met for successful install.
Paths: This screen is used to set your domain or ip as the path for your QuickBox Dashboard.
Database: This screen shows you the database information entered via the install script. These are default values and should have no need for adjustments.
Admin: This screen shows your admin details that you entered via the installer script. One only needs to enter an email for the administrator. This is to ensure proper email sending/receiving for added user registration and activation.
Summary: As the title of this screen suggests, this is a summary of the values entered for the install.
Success! Click Here to login will automatically remove the installation directory and redirect you to your new QuickBox login screen.

Now Login and Enjoy!

The new QuickBox Dashboard:

At first glimpse, you’ll notice there is now a new Administrator menu tab. From here, as an administrator, you will be able to handle all sorts of functionality that the new QuickBox Pro ushers in.

Let’s talk about that!


We know all too well what this is. There have been several UI changes that either add additional features, or build upon a more tidy appearance that’s less cumbersome. We’ve implemented tabs for the bandwidth meter (Live, Hourly, Daily, Monthly). These are now in a graph format, rather than the previous long columns of text. Additional to this, the Package Management Center and the Service Center are now combined into a single panel.

Monitor current branch, receive live update notifications on new versions, and a more improved user account dropdown for editing profile and logging out.
The Service Control Center has been revised to display more information on particular apps installed. This revamp pulls away from the need from scrolling and long tables, to a more compact panel of info. Easily see application port info, as well as the applications link.
Building upon ease of use and less clutter. The Package management Center is now tabbed next to Service Control. Save space and save scrolling time!

General Settings

From the General Settings page, you can edit your QuickBox General Site Settings.

Settings you can currently adjust:

  • Site Name – Used in the title tags in the example pages and also in the mails that go out when users register and are activated.
  • Site Description – Can be used to update site description tags.
  • E-mail From Name – Used as the e-mail Display Name in outgoing e-mails such as the welcome e-mail.
  • Site E-mail Address – The Reply Address used in outgoing e-mails such as the welcome e-mail.
  • Site Root – The absolute path to the admin directory. It must end with a trailing forward slash eg, http://www.website.com/admin/
  • Home Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your QuickBox dashboard user is assigned.
  • Login Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your user is taken to after successfully logging off.
  • Account Page – This page is appended to the Site Root (above) to make a full path of where your user is taken to after successfully logging in.
  • PHP Date Format – The format of the date shown throughout the admin pages (and potentially on your website) such as the Last Login Date.


From the Registration page, you can handle options to allow, disallow, and more, registration for your site.

Settings you can currently adjust:

  • Account Activation – User Activation requires the new user to activate their account by clicking a link sent to their e-mail address. Admin Activation requires an admin to activate the account using the control panel or by a link sent to their e-mail address.
  • Limit Username Characters – Limit the characters allowed in new username registrations.
  • Username Length – Minimum and maximum username length.
  • Password Length – Minimum and maximum password length.
  • Send Welcome E-mail – Whether or not to send a welcome e-mail to all new users upon registration.
  • Enable Captcha – Do I want this?
  • Username Lowercase – When set to yes, all registered usernames are made lowercase.


The settings available for adjustment currently come in three flavors:

  1. Session Settings – Change the settings regarding sessions.
    • User Inactivity Timeout – The user is logged out after the set period of inactivity. The default PHP session timeout is usually already set at 24 minutes.
    • Guest Timeout – A guest is no longer considered a guest (and counted in the whose online figures) after this set period of inactivity.
    • Reset Expiry at Logon – When set to Yes, when a user logs on with a Remember Me cookie, his expiry date will extend by the amount set below. When set to No, he will have to re-logon after the expiry date.
    • Remember Me Cookie Expiry – This is the amount of days in which the remember me cookie expires.
    • Cookie Path – The Path attribute defines the scope of the cookie. Leave as by default.
  2. User Settings – Change global settings for user accounts.
    • Allow Multiple Logins – Turn on to allow multiple logins from the same account.
  3. Security Settings

User Admin

From here, you can create, edit, suspend, delete and more. This is where QuickBox has ramped up it’s User Management system, by allowing you, the administrator, to create new users from the ease of the Dashboard. Let’s take a quick peek at how simple creating and editing a new user has become on the new QuickBox Pro.

Note: For the purposes of this demo, I have inserted an erroneous bug into the form elements on user creation. This is to demonstrate the ease of editing a created sub-user.

User Groups

From here you can create, view and edit user groups. Assign users to user groups. At the moment, this is still in development. It’s aim is to have the option to display certain elements on the condition of a specific users group.


As the page title suggests, this is where you can view a log of activity in regards to your Dashboard, as well as delete all logs, or logs within a set amount of time.

More on QuickBox Pro

QuickBox Pro has officially be granted a launch date! Set your calendars for 4/20/2018 as the big day. There is still more to be done, but as I near the finish line on development, it only seems right for it’s official announcement.

The biggest feature besides the GUI User Management is the Database & transition to NGINX as the web-server.

Snapshot of the Stats panel on the Help/Support page of the Dashboard

You can view your web-server stack info on the Dashboard via the Help/Support tab. As you can see, QuickBox not only made the leap to database management for user login (among other things it’s used for) it is now utilizing the much requested, NGINX as your web-server! Within this panel you’ll have a quick overview of your QuickBox, MySQL, PHP, and Nginx versions in use. The Changelog is located on the Dashboard now and can be accessed via the version link.

Will this cost me anything?

The short answer is, yes. Let me explain. I have developing this version of QuickBox since I started the official Community Version; that’s roughly 3 years of any spare time devoted to the evolution of the project. As per the price and logistics of delivery, there are still some details between now and the 20th that need to be ironed out. Of course, there will be giveaways, and discounts… both at launch, as well as throughout the lifetime of QuickBox. Keep in mind – QuickBox Community (the now available version) will always and forever remain free to all.

What else?

This article may receive continued updates, so be on the ready!

Community Replies

  1. Do you know if it will be subscription or a one-time fee yet?

  2. Let me address a few things, as this is getting slightly out of hand with users demanding a certain business model be presented to benefit their needs.

    That is the Plex business model, we are not Plex. Just because Plex is doing something one way, doesn’t mean all other SAAS providers should do the same. You have every right to not use it. I also request that you keep comments civil. Just because you don’t agree with something, doesn’t mean you have to blast your disapproval of it. Additionally, as @dtech_banned stated, a plex lifetime pass is also 100+ USD.

    Maybe this is something we are already considering. I have been seeing a lot of your comments on the forums on specific posts, and they are awfully presumptuous and fueled by assumptions, rather than facts. There is going to be a more broad announcement before launch that expresses everything. How about using a bit of patience, forcing/demanding prompt replies will get you nothing satisfactory in the way of answers, in short, stop being pushy or risk pushing this back for the community. Questions will be answered in time (as already expressed). The more I have to stop development and testing to moderate your replies, the less time I have on actual development, so keep this in mind, and try to be respectful.

    This is exactly it! We have seen a lot of fly-by-night seedbox companies piggy backing on QuickBox. They are making money off a product they had no part in creating, maintaining, or troubleshooting. This is an aim to end that. This is a means to additionally, protect the community as whole from using “shady” dealers. If anyone is offended by a license per server offering, then you’re probably mad that this effects your overall profit margins.

    It is locked per users email on the order. At any time the key can be deactivated and then reactivated on another server. It’s not permanently locked to any specific IP or server… it can be toggled to a new server. Open a ticket on your order, we deactivate, then you simply reactivate on a new server.

    Out of curiosity, why would that deter you? I don’t see why such a common SAAS model would prevent anyone with a single server from wanting to use it, simply due to the fact they can only use it on one server.

    Again, I appreciate your questions, but you are starting to get a little too pushy on this thread. Please, I respectfully ask you to tone it down and respect the process. There will be answers to your questions before launch.

    I do appreciate everyone’s replies and I am sincerely trying to make this an offering that everyone can enjoy and come to a mutual understanding on. There are many services and products out there that are based on a model of 1 license = 1 server/application. This is nothing new. Unless I get specific reasons as to why this is a turn off for some people, I will continue down the current path. Simply stating you don’t like the idea and simply will not support is not reason enough, and in my experience, (please don’t take this the wrong way, simply an observation) this is due to people wanting to bypass and utilize a service on multiple platforms without paying the developers/maintainers for their work.

    Again, more answers are coming, please be respectful and understand that there is not a massive team of developers behind QuickBox, at the moment, it’s just me… just keep this in mind. :heart:

  3. Congratulations for this new pro version, good luck for the launch.

    Greetings from France.


  4. Hyd says:

    I have no problem with the One licence per server, I think that is reasonable and realistic expectation.

    Will there always be a need for a ticket to be opened or our key to get deactivated?

    Could there be a way in the future where we would be allowed to deactivate installs in the future possibly via a control panel on the Quickbox site?

    Example Problem Case: I want to upgrade from Server A to Server B, I purchase Server B but now I will have to wait till you respond to a ticket before I can reinstall, on a good day you get back to me in minutes, on a bad day everyone is asleep and it could be 8+ hours before we get a response.

    This could be considered a small concern because its not often people are going to be moving servers but it is something that will hopefully be considered.

    I can’t wait to see how the pricing structure gets announced on the 20th and what the future has for the project.

  5. Today, that will be a good day :slight_smile:

  6. I do that everyday!!! :stuck_out_tongue:
    We’ll be putting out at 4:20PM CST … because, you know, 4:20 and all. :heart:

  7. At 12:20 in France :grin:
    My mouse will crash :joy:

  8. 420!?? I thought this was a family friendly christian project! /s

    GJ on getting this far though

  9. 4:20 AM, right? :wink:

    So that would be around 11:20 PM CEST if I’m correct. My body is ready! :slight_smile:

  10. TIMMMMMEEEEEE OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  11. Outch :joy: Okey :sweat_smile:
    I will buy only to support your hardwork ! :wink:
    Sry BF5 and BO4 but JmSolo is better :yum:

  12. It’s now live! There is a lot to still be done, but I am going to work incredibly hard to get some additional issues addressed. We are also to be setting up Private Forums and Private channels on our IRC for QuickBox Pro members. Be on the lookout for those exciting details!

    Thank you tremendously everyone for your support. I am so grateful for our wonderful community and team. There is still a lot of work to be done and this is only the beginning. We have a long and adventuress road ahead!


    Also, check out the web chat for those without IRC clients

  13. bate says:

    My thoughts on the matter
    Why are we comparing QB Pro to Plex Pass?
    Plex is a streaming service. QuickBox is more than just a seedbox service.
    QB Pro is targeted seedbox providers or small resellers looking for a management system for their users.

    Our Community version have been open source and used by thousand of users. This aims to please the need for a server management system and offers a wide range of applications and services.

    QuickBox being open source also means that legitimate seedbox providers offers our service. Free of charge. At least we don’t get a penny for a feature they might charge extra for. When their users experience problems they direct their questions to us.

    With QB Pro comes a server management system targeted those exact providers and resellers. This does not mean that private users are excluded from the service.

    We don’t force any users to QB Pro. The Community version is and will always be free and open source.

    If you are the only one using the server, do you really have the need for QB Pro?
    Or do you share access to your server and provide a shared seedbox with some friends, then QB Pro might be an option for you as you will have an option to administer single users

  14. Actually, before this gets out of hand. The pricing structure is for one year. Not everyone will agree with this and it was a hard decision to make. This is a work-in-progress, and it’s a lot of work. The system will only get better, therefore, $45/yr ($35 special pricing till May) seems fair. A lifetime license option will be available soon.

    Additionally, for our current members using QuickBox Community.
    There will be an upgrade path provided within the week. This will be coupled by a (permanent) discount on licenses. It will only be available for those currently using QuickBox Community. There will be more details posted around this soon.

    It is, again, understandable that not everyone agrees with this option. However, this is the option we present and it’s up for discussion in the coming weeks. Community will continue to receive updates and additions, although, it will not support the rich set of tools that Pro provides and will continue to develop.

    There was an overwhelming amount of support during yesterdays launch. Currently, those with the initial release are working with me directly and hands-on to address a few issues, both with the order process, as well as anything that is occurring within the install itself. until some of these issues are addressed, QuickBox Pro has been limited in sales. This is only for today, as it will return once these minor issues are resolved.

    Thank you everyone for your understanding and support. We want all of our members to be happy and we’ll (staff) have some ongoing debates over how to best please everyone… even with Community still be available, it’s understandable that some may want to move to Pro for the other benefits it does provides.

  15. Sounds like a good way to go, and I will defiantly keep my eye out for this. What prompted my previous post was dtech’s post here:

    But I’ll cool it for a bit, and see what’s in store for this upgrade. It is understandable that there are a lot of things to take into account and not everyones needs can be met. Congrats on the release and sorry for getting myself kicked/banned from your IRC :joy: Oh, and thanks for looking into my Ombi issue JMSolo.

    Over And Out

  16. liza says:

    I’m breaking my long silence here because I honestly find a large portion of the replies in this thread to be jaw-droppingly out of line.

    JMSolo has stated that this is largely intended to be a commercial solution and you are getting private support included with the license. At the rates I charge, $35 for private support for an entire year would justify that price alone (in fact, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell you’d ever see me offer a similar rate with no cap on the amount of support you could expect in return). Emails and tickets can be extremely time consuming to respond to – especially when answering in depth.

    What I see lacking in this thread is a respect for his time. Jason has been working on this project for over a year and when it finally does come to light, you have the gall to tell him what his own time is worth to him? Shameful. I can tell you outright that behavior like this is what makes developers stop wanting to contribute their time to “free” and “open” community projects. These projects aren’t raking in mad dough, they are essentially hobbies that we have devoted large amounts of time to.

    If you don’t think the price of the service is worth $35 a year, then don’t pay it and don’t receive the product. It’s a simple as that. If you don’t like it, then no one is stopping you from learning Linux, PHP and Bash to code your own solution and release it to the general public for free.

    Or do you value your own time more than that of some internet stranger?

    If you are a company (which I hope none of you are), then $35 a year is nothing.

    If you are a single user, this is probably not the right product for you.

    If you’re looking to share your server with some friends, ask them to split the cost of a license with you – I wouldn’t call it overly unreasonable.

    If you find the burden of supplying a free slot to your buddies too much with the added cost of the management console, then ask them for compensation in return. Just don’t turn around and tell the dev that that’s his problem instead.

  17. I just want to give my opinion, I subscribed to this pro version because I share my server with some friends, I have unfortunately no very deep knowledge under linux, and I must say, that in terms of support, I was very well accompanied for the launch, I had a personalized support even for fairly basic questions.

    I find, therefore, that the polemic on the price is not justified; to the extent that, the simple version is free for ages. We say in France “All job merits wages !!” Thank you for the support, courage for the future, and congratulations for the work.

  18. BIF says:

    We are currently working to resolve an issue with our email system. QuickBox Pro will return to the marketplace once these underlying issues are resolved. Thank you everyone for your patience and the tremendous amount of support! Please be patient while we address a few things.

  19. Exactly! And good to hear from you @liza!

    $40 is the cost of a few starbucks. this project is worth so much more.

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