Launching our Twitter Page

We are extremely happy and pleased to announce that we have launched our Twitter Channel officially!

It’s been a few weeks in the work and we have building up our content and how we want to manage our Twitter page and so we are so pleased to announce that this is now live.

We’ll be posting not only announcements, and our Friday Blog, but also links to common and popular articles, when we launch new articles as well, competitions, and news and updates about QuickBox.

It is with this hope that we are able to reach more people to tell them how easy it is to setup QuickBox on a dedicated server. By having total management of your seedbox from the server, to the software, how free this is and how easy it is to get set up with loads of support and guidance from our experts and our community!

We encourage anyone and everyone to follow us on Twitter and to help share the word of QuickBox by re-tweeting what we post!

We’ll have some Twitter exclusive news coming out in the next few days as well so keep an eye out for that!

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