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Have you found a bug within the platform? Not sure if something is expected behaviour or not? Then why not report it to our development staff who can investigate it and confirm if it is a bug or not. Use the steps below to submit it to us.

  1. Log into the Discord Channel
  2. Ensure you have set up your Pro permissionsinstructions are sent in your subscription confirmation email
  3. Then go to the #pro-bug-reports channel
  4. Submit the bug and also the replication steps in there for our development staff to review

When you are giving the replication steps, it is important to note;

  • Give us as much detail as you can when reporting a bug – the smallest of detail could be the reason the bug exists
  • Use a step-by-step list to help us replicate the bug – don’t just tell us there is a bug
  • Let us know what version of QuickBox Pro you are using as well – this will help us identify if it has been caused by a new feature or not
  • Inform us of what operating system you are using as well so we can effectively replicate the steps as well
  • Try and use simple and plain English when reporting your bug. Just because you understand how you got that bug, doesn’t mean our development staff will.

Once it has been confirmed as a bug within the platform, we will try and resolve that bug in the next platform release however this may not always be possible. Keep an eye out on our Changelogs for what we have been able to fix in any version updates.

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