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Running a Speed Test

There are many reasons as to why you may want to run a speed test from pure curiosity to troubleshooting networking issues. Everyone is familiar with the popular testing website speedtest.net right?

Well, we will show you how to run the speed test on your server directly!

Installing speedtest-cli

  1. SSH into your server
  2. Log into your server
  3. Run the following command
sudo su -

4. Then copy and paste the next command

apt-get install python-pip

5. After that installation finishes, you can now install speedtest-cli. Just run the following command

pip install speedtest-cli

6. Once that has finished downloading and installing, you’re ready to run your speed test. Anytime you wish to run it, just copy and paste the command below.


7. Once it’s completed, you should then see a result like below

Did you know you get add various other lines for more options? Check it out below.

speedtest-cli --list = This is for server listing.

speedtest-cli --server number = Select number from that list to do a specific test on selected server

speedtest-cli --share = This generates a link that you can share your results

speedtest-cli --simple = This displays the results in a simple view.

speedtest-cli --help = You will be presented with the help page and list of other commands.

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