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When you are using our Discord Channel, there are certain commands that can do certain things for you. Below is a list of them that you might want to use before seeking help or support.

!qbsupport – Gives you information on how to give access to your QuickBox server to Support Staff

!dkpg – Gives you information on how to resolve dkpg locks

!beer @<username> – will give a beer to someone you’ve tagged

!testify – Invites you to write a testimonial based on the support you were given.

!kb – provides you a link to the Knowledge Base

!kb-add <your idea> – adds an idea of a new Knowledge Base article to our backlog

!claimplex – gives you information on how you can claim your Plex server

!api – gives you information about our API system and where to find your new API keys

!cdn – Gives you information on how you can setup your QuickBox dashboard with CloudFlare

!praise – Give praise to someone who has helped you out

!licensehelp – This will notify staff that you are experiencing issues with your Licence Keys and we’ll be able to review it.

!blunt – You know what this is…

!changelog – Links to Changelogs page

!cli – Links to our Command Line Interface Knowledge Base Article

!compare – Provides you with a link to compare the Community Version and Pro Version of QuickBox

!dashboard – Link to QuickBox My Account

!dice – Roll the dice

!flood – Unix Socket information for Flood configuration

!install – Links to the Installation Knowledge Base Articles

!market – Link to our Market Place where you can purchase various services

!offtopic – Offtopic Rules

!rules – Our QuickBox Discord Rules

!status – Link to status page

You can use any of these commands in any channel and it will provide you with the information through our Discord Bots.

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On Friday, March 29, 2019 all License Keys previous to the new API system will be expired.