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Do you struggle with the command line interface? Do you hate it when you’re trying to install a new system and it doesn’t go exactly to plan? Why not take the hassle out of it with our Guru Installation service.

Our authorized Guru installers will remote onto your server and install QuickBox for you to take away the pain of you doing it yourself. Our experts work with QuickBox every single day and have an in-depth knowledge of how it works, and how to get around common issues that arises.

Orders are acknowledged within 48 hours and the setup itself only takes a few hours. Our Gurus are here to help you get started on your journey with QuickBox and take the pain out of setting up your system.

In addition, our Gurus will also secure your server to help prevent unauthorized access to your server as well to prevent security breaches and more. This service is fantastic for those who don’t know Linux, or don’t have the time to spend hours troubleshooting and reviewing guides to set up their brand new seedbox.

ORDER REQUEST TIMEFRAME Please note that order requests may currently take up to 48 hours to be accepted and processed.


Please keep in mind that Guru Installs only cover the initial install of QuickBox. A verified Guru will install your QuickBox application and ensure that the defaults are working properly.

Guru installs are only supported for users on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and Debian 9/10 with an active QuickBox Pro Subscription.

Guru installation does not cover the following:
  • Customization of dashboard and/or directory structures
  • Custom installs of any third-party scripts
  • Custom mount array setups (ex: 2XSSD 3HDD)
  • Installation of RClone and/or PlexDrive
  • Modification of applications included in the QuickBox install packages
  • VPN modification and setup (though we’ll gladly point you in the right direction)


Please add bugs found in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Bug Report
Select Bug Report as the issue template

Please add feature requests for application inclusion in QuickBox Pro using this template:

Application Feature Request
Select Application Feature Request as the issue template

Please add feature requests for general QuickBox Pro using this template:

Select General Feature Request as the issue template
Select General Feature Request as the issue template

Viewing issues as well as feature requests does not require an account.

You will need to create an account on our Lab in order to post both Issues as well as Feature Requests.
You can register an account here if you do not already have one.

We look forward to your reports as well as your ideas and suggestions for ongoing developments to the QuickBox Pro software!

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