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Here is a list of questions and answers surrounding RClone which don’t need an article for each question, but it is worth having a centralised place for them. Enjoy!


Is there a way to see what’s been uploaded onto Google Drive?

Yes, you can view the move.log file. Simply go to the directory /home/username/rclone/ and you’ll see the file there. You can use nano to view it in a terminal. So the command for that would be nano /home/username/rclone/move.log

How often does RClone upload data to Google Drive?

There is a script that is ran on a cron job at 2am every morning. This will initiate the uploading process.

Which folder do I use for adding files I want uploaded?

Best practice says to use the GMedia folder for everything. Sonarr, Plex, Ombi etc. This is a combination of what is stored locally, and what is on Google Drive.

Is there a graphical interface for using RClone?

For other clients there maybe a graphical interface you can use, however, with our implementation of RClone there is only the command line interface (CLI)

How do I manually tell RClone to upload data onto Google Drive?

You can use the following command after doing sudo su - on your server to elevate your permissions properly. Where you see username, please enter in your actual username.

qb rclone upload username

Why do you limit the upload of new data?

This is to avoid any API bans from Google themselves. This is a common issue when constantly uploading data to Google Drive and they implement limits. Whilst you can edit the script to increase or even remove this limit, we do not recommend it as it will cause issues.

For more information on editing the script, please see here.

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