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The purpose of the move.sh script is to automatically move files from your server to your google drive account. This is done by default every night at 3:12 am controlled by a cron job.

Editing the Cron Job

  1. SSHΒ into your server
  2. Enter in the following commands
sudo su -
crontab -e 

3. You will then see a line stating the following

12 3 * * * /home/{username}/rclone/move.sh

4. You can now change the timings for the cron job.Β 

For help with setting new cron rules use: https://crontab-generator.org/

In short: * Minutes – * Hours – * Days – * Months – * Weekdays

5. Once you are finished you can then just press control and X and then Y to save and edit.

Editing the Script

The move.sh script will be located in /home/USERNAME/rclone/move.sh

  1. SSH into your server
  2. Run the following command
sudo su -
cd /home/USERNAME/rclone/
chattr -i move.sh
nano move.sh

3. You will now be editing the file. The move.sh script flags will look like something below. (This is an un-encrypted example)

/usr/bin/rclone move /home/${username}/rclone/cache crypt: --drive-chunk-size 64M --delete-empty-src-dirs --user-agent user --fast-list --bwlimit 8M -P --log-file=/home/${username}/rclone/move.log -v

Here is a breakdown of the various command and flags that are used.

/usr/bin/rclone move > instruction rclone to move files.

Options for rclone to Google Drive: MOVE, SYNC & COPY
move – Will move from source and delete from source to Google Drive
sync – Will sync from source to Google Drive. Meaning if content is not present in source it will get deleted from Google Drive
copy – Will copy from source to Google Drive 1:1

/home/{username}/rclone/cache > path of source
gdrive: > name of remote (Google Drive)
--drive-chunk-size 64M > Upload chunk size. Must a power of 2 >= 256k. (default 8M)
--delete-empty-src-dirs > Delete empty source dirs after move
--user-agent user > Set the user-agent to a specified string. The default is rclone/ version (default “rclone/v1.51.0”) (was an issue with Google Drive once not being specified)
--fast-list > Use recursive list if available. Uses more memory but fewer transactions. (good for speed)
--bwlimit 8M > Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix b|k|M|G or a full timetable. (8M will allow for a continuous 24/7 upload without getting hit by the max 750GB/daily upload limit)
-P > Show progress during transfer. (Prints status in terminal while running)
--log-file=/home/${username}/rclone/move.log > Log everything to this file
-v > Print lots more stuff

More flags can be found at https://rclone.org/flags/

4. When you have edited everything that you need, you can save and exit this editor with ctrl+x press Y

5. Finally, to lock the script again, please enter the following command.

chattr +i move.sh

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