How to Connect Sonarr/Radarr with ruTorrent

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Using the steps below, you can successfully connect ruTorrent with Sonarr/Radarr really quickly and simply.

  1. Log into either Sonarr or Radarr
  2. Click on Settings along the top

3. Click on “Download Client

4. Click on the big Plus icon

5. Find and choose “rTorrent

6. Enter in a name of the download client. We suggest just “ruTorrent

7. Leave the “Host” as “Localhost”

8. Set your Port to 443

9. Your “URL Path” should be your Username

10. Change “Use SSL” to Yes

11. Enter in your QuickBox Username and Password

12. Make any other changes that you wish (the rest are optional)

Your settings should look like this

13. Scroll down and click Save

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