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Support your favorite QuickBox Guru or Tuner!

The QuickBox Guru Service & Marketplace is a resource of developer shops. Each shop is maintained by the Guru, Scripter and/or Tuner. All Gurus at the various service levels have been verified and are an official support line to the QuickBox Ecosystem.

Best part… Commissions on services provided by your preferred Guru are paid directly to them. Now that’s sharing the love!


Heads Up

Any services purchased by way of QuickBox directly (ie, Guru Install) are pooled to support the QuickBox infrastructure and development process.

Services by QuickBox

Supported OS

Guru installs are only supported for users on Debian 8 & Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 as this is the supported OS list for QuickBox.

Let QuickBox verified moderators take care of the installation of your QuickBox application on your server. We will ensure that everything is working 100% before delivery. After purchase of service a verified QuickBox Guru will contact you via secure PM to gather additional details for your installation if necessary.

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