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Below are the System Requirements for QuickBox Pro.

Operating System

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Debian 9
  • Debian 10

Operating Systems we don’t support

  • Ubunutu 14
  • Centos

Other Server Specs

Processor: modern single core CPU, dual core recommended


Virtualization (if VM)

KVM – do not use on OpenVZ

Additional OS image notes

Use x86_64 images – Does not support 32-bit
Server images – minimal preferred
ARM architecture is not supported

Of note: The reason we do not support 32-bit (aside from it not being nearly as efficient on system resources as 64 is simply due to our binaries being written and encoded on/for 64-bit arch

Minimal Server Images as they contain basic ssh dependencies required for purely server functionality. No additional apache, mysql, etc dependencies.

ARM is not supported due to a wide range of our approved applications not supporting it either.

Those bootstrapping Linux on Mac Mini can and will encounter a potentially large and wildly varying range of issues.

Disk Space

You should ensure that you have at least 100GB free for the installation of QuickBox. This will give you space for QuickBox, your applications and any media you wish to download. We recommend having at least a 500GB hard drive on your server. The more disk space the better!

SSH Access

You should ensure that with your server you are able to SSH into it. Please speak with the server provider to ensure that you can have root access to the server.

NGinx Support

You should ensure that your server can support the NGinx platform as this is what QuickBox is built on.

Note: The requirements set forth are purely for the functionality of the QuickBox Pro dashboard, and is not a reflection of what should additionally be used for the purpose of running various other applications.

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