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Operating System

Ubuntu Flavors

Ubuntu 16.04 Retired Ubuntu 18.04 Passing Ubuntu 20.04 Passing

Debian Flavors

Debian 9 Passing Debian 10 Passing

Minimum System Requirements.

This table represents the ideal minimal system resources needed for running the QuickBox Dashboard. This table does not represent what additional applications may require. Please consult those applications own documentation for more specifics on their individual requirements.
modern single core CPU, dual core recommended
Hard disk space:
10GB minimum
Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 & Debian 9/10
Virtualization (if VM):
KVM – do not use on OpenVZ
Additional OS image notes:
  • Use x86_64 images – Does not support 32-bit
  • Server images – minimal preferred
  • ARM architecture is not supported
  • Do not use in conjunction with other server control panel software such as cPanel or Webmin. These software will conflict with QuickBox and overwrite any adjustments made necessary by the web stack for QuickBox to properly function

Note: The requirements set forth are purely for the functionality of the QuickBox Pro dashboard, and is not a reflection of what should additionally be used for the purpose of running various other applications.

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