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So you’ve got your backup for Sonarr v2 ready to go and you’ve just installed version 3 but you don’t want to go through adding in your download clients, TV Shows and more. Well, in version 3, you can really easily upgrade your backup from v2 into v3, and we’ll guide you through how to do it.

Take a backup first

  1. Log into Sonarr
  2. Click on System in the left hand side bar

3. Again in the sidebar, click on Backup

4. Now we want to create a backup of our blank Sonarr v3, in case anything goes wrong, we can easily and quickly restore to it

5. Click on the backup button in the top tool bar

Restoring your v2 Backup

6. With your Sonarr v2 backup zip file, you’ll need to remove the config.xml file if it’s included. Otherwise, this will break your Sonarr v3 setup.

7. Once that file has been removed, ensure you re-zip the file

8. Back in Sonarr, click on the “Restore Backup” button

9. You’ll then be greeted with this screen

10. Once you have chosen your file, it will automatically upload the file, and it is ready to be restored

11. Click on the restore button and then wait for Sonarr to refresh in your browser

Top Tip

If after Sonarr has restarted, you find you can’t access Sonarr, then go into your QuickBox dashboard, and check the API Key and Port against the config.xml file. It is most likely that they do not match.

If they do not match, then edit the config.xml found in /home/<username>/.config/Sonarr/ to match the details.

After that, SSH into your server and then run the following commands;

sudo su -
systemctl restart [email protected]<username>

Where you see <username>, enter in your server’s username.


You can restore a version 3 backup of Sonarr into version 2 Sonarr. It is not backwards compatible.

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