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In QuickBox Pro, your users have the ability to install applications themselves and not having to be managed centrally by the administrator. This means that more than one user can have access to their own individual version of an application. A great advantage to this is if for example, your users do not have the same taste in TV Shows, they can have their own copies of Sonarr.

You can install the applications below on multiple user accounts;

  • autodl-irssi *
  • Calibre
  • CouchPotato
  • Deluge *
  • Flood *
  • Headphones
  • Jackett
  • Lidarr
  • Medusa
  • NzbGet
  • NzbHydra
  • pyLoad
  • qBitTorrent *
  • Radarr
  • rTorrent *
  • ruTorrent *
  • SABnzbd
  • SickChill
  • SickGear
  • Sonarr
  • Transmission *
  • VPN

* These applications are installed for all users by default, you won’t need to install them for each user!

How to Install Applications as a User

You must ensure you have created a new user before going through this process.

  1. Using your Admin details, log into QuickBox
  2. Then go to User Admin
  3. Click on the Edit User icon (pencil icon) for the user account you wish to edit.
  4. Click on Group Management
  5. If not done so already, ensure that Application Access has been granted to that user.

Users will then be able to install applications by;

  1. Click on the Application Management tab
  2. Find the application they want to install
  3. Press the Install button
  4. Wait until successfully installed message and to Close and Refresh

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