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When you no longer wish to use an application, or you have an issue, you may wish to uninstall an application. Take a look at the steps below and it will go through how to uninstall your application.

  1. Log into QuickBox
  2. Go to The Dashboard on the left hand side and click on Apps Dashboard

3. Then click on the Application Management tab

4. Use the search bar on the right to find your application

5. Click on the red Uninstall button next to the application

6. You will get a prompt that says;

Uninstalling <x>?
You are about to uninstall <x> from your system.
This will completely remove all of your configurations and settings… this action is irreversible.
You may reinstall <x> at any time, however, your settings will be reset to default.

6. If you wish to proceed, then press I understand, do it! otherwise you can press Cancel

  7. Wait until the uninstall has finished and press Close & Refresh when prompted

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