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Using FileBot to manage your media once it’s downloaded is really easy. You can use this article to get things set up nice and easily.

  1. SSH into your Server
  2. Run the following command
sudo su -

3. Install FileBot using the following command

qb install filebot <username>

4. Then type the following command

filebot -version

5. This will tell you what version of filebot you are using.

6. Then run the following commands so we move into the FileBot directory

cd /home/<username>/.filebot

7. You can then do ls -al to display all of the relevant files in that directory.

8. You will now need to add your license to the filebot directory for registering. To do this open your filebot license you received after purchase. The license will be labeled similar to FileBot_License_P89XXXXX.psm. Simply open this with your favorite editor and copy all the contents of the file.

An example of a filebot license file

9. Now do nano <name of your license file> and paste the copied contents of the .psm license and ctrl + x and hit y to save. Adjust the permissions on this file so they are owned by the user if setting this up as an Admin chown <username>:<username> /home/<username>/.filebot/<name of your license file>

10. Then run the following command

filebot --license <name of your licence file>

11. To make sure everything has got the right permissions, run the following command

sudo chown -R <username>:<username> /home/<username>/.filebot

12. Now you’re all ready to go celebrate!

Note; the default folder created for Filebot for any shows you download will be “TV Shows”. Filebot will determine on install if RClone is installed or not and will offer the directory defaults accordingly. If you need this changed, then please raise a ticket.

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