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If you are migrating to a new server, you can quickly and easily move your API key to that new server by following these steps.

Via Terminal

  1. SSH Into your Server
  2. Run the following command
sudo su -

3. Then type the following command to remove your API key

qb api

4. This will then initiate a prompt showing your current API key, status, as well as an option to remove the key from this server.

Typing y will then deactivate your server allowing you to activate on a new server.

5. Now install QuickBox on your new server

6. Log into your new Dashboard on the new server

7. Click on Settings and then General Settings

8. Now you can enter in your API key and activate it.

Remove API Key from Website

You now also remove an API key access via the website. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Ensure you have logged into the QuickBox website
  2. Click on the top menu item “COMMUNITY
  3. Then click on “API Keys” or click on this link

You will then see a list of your active API keys and which IP address it is bound too. You can then just click on the Deactivate button like below.

Now you can install QuickBox Pro on your new server with your API key.

Don’t want to move your whole server to a brand new server yourself? Want to pass this task to a QuickBox expert to get everything set up ready for you in just a few hours? Then check out our Migration service for just $50!

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