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In QuickBox, you are able to add Custom Menu Links to the Navigation Panel. In order to do this, you must be comfortable with HTML coding and editing web files.

  1. Connect to your Server via SSH, X2G0 or noVNC
  2. Navigate to /srv/quickbox/custom/
  3. In version 1.3.0 and above, you will see a file already created called – This file will then be included in the bottom of the Navigation Panel. 
    1. If you are using version 1.2.3 and below, you will need to manually create the file
  4. Edit that file
  5. At the bottom of the file, by default we have added a Donate button. You can add your custom menu links after this using the following sample code;
<strong><li><a class="grayscale" href="URL HERE" target="_blank"><img src="LOGO HERE" class="brand-ico"> <span>LINK TITLE HERE</span></a></li></strong>

So if we wanted to link to the QuickBox Plaza;

<strong><li><a class="grayscale" href="" target="_blank"><img src="img/brands/quickbox.png" class="brand-ico"> <span>QuickBox Plaza</span></a></li></strong>

Your new Custom Link would then look like this;

There is no limit as to how many links you can add to your navigation panel.

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