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Once you had got RClone installed, you’ll want to setup Plex to look at files and directories on your server. In addition, you’ll need to make some changes to Plex to prevent API bans and help with performance. This is essential especially for scanning your libraries.

Configuring Plex

  1. Go to https://app.plex.tv/desktop
  2. Click on the Settings Icon along the top

3. Then on the left hand side, under your server, click on Scheduled Tasks

4. Uncheck the “Perform extensive media analysis during maintenance” task

5. Then hit Save Changes at the bottom.

By keeping this task turned on, Plex will download all of your media and analyse it. This will then cause an API ban from Google in which you will not be able to watch, or download any content from Google Drive for 24 hours. 

You must turn off this task. By not doing this, you will run into various issues with your Plex server and Google Drive account. 

Adding Libraries

When adding libraries to your Plex Server, you will be able to find the folder structure. You will need to choose the following directories in order for RClone to work correctly with Plex;

TV Shows: /home/<username>/rclone/gmedia/TV/

Movies: /home/<username>/rclone/gmedia/Movies/

Music: /home/<username>/rclone/gmedia/Music

Anime: /home/<username>/rclone/gmedia/Anime

These directories are like any other folders or directories you have on your QuickBox Pro server. If you wish to change the name of these folders, then you can do so either via FTP or through the command line interface. 

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