Standard Server Install

Supported OS/Distro

Ubuntu 16.04 Passing Ubuntu 18.04 Passing

Before installation

You need to have a Fresh “blank” server installation.
After that access your box using a SSH client, like PuTTY.
Please run in root to avoid conflicts.

How to install

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use usernames such as admin or root as these are system reserved and could cause breakage on certain functionality in QuickBox Pro. Additionally, try to avoid using characters such as !, \, /, +, @, and % in passwords on setup as this can cause an identifying issue within Linux.

Run the following command to grab our latest release …

wget -q && chmod +x qbpro; \
./qbpro -u='username' -p='password'

What do these values mean?

-u, --username The QuickBox primary user
-p, --password The QuickBox primary user password
-h, --help Display this help and exit
-v, --version Output version information and exit


Note that these fields are unique to your wants.
-u='YOURUSERNAME' and -p='YOURPASSWORD' fields are required.
./qbpro -u='username' -p='password'