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In this article, we aim to provide you the many ways you can get support.

Ticket System

In our website, you can use the Ticketing System for issues with regards to;

  • dpkg errors
  • API Key Assistance/Help (!lisence help in Discord Channel)
  • Understanding Installation Issues of approved applications and the QuickBox platform
  • Help purchasing of products or services through the QuickBox platform
  • Permission based issues (like Plex not able to read media files)
  • Plus more.

However, we will not be able to assist with;

  • non supported OS such as ubunutu 14 or centos. Must Be debian 9/ubuntu 16.04 & 18 please contact @jeells102 on discord
  • Customization of dashboard and/or directory structures
  • Custom installs of any third-party scripts
  • Custom mount array setups (ex: 2XSSD 3HDD)
  • Installation of RClone and/or PlexDrive (for RClone install help, please see the RClone Automation Guru service)
  • Modification of applications included in the QuickBox install packages
  • VPN modification and setup (though we’ll gladly point you in the right direction)

Language Support

Please note that all of our support channels is done in English. Whilst we do have some other language speaking staff who work through Support Tickets, we cannot cater to everyone. If you wish to have support in your native language, please state so in English, however, we may not be able to cater to you.

Discord Channel

Join us using our Discord channel and get support not only from the community, but SideKick support as well! It’s quick, easy and free!


Join our community forums for updates, news, and for support as well!

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On Friday, March 29, 2019 all License Keys previous to the new API system will be expired.