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Is your server running slower than before? Does it take a while for your media to appear in Plex? Have you been considering moving server hosts because of the performance of your server?

Why not look at optimizing your server first with our Server Optimization service. By applying tried and tested methods to your server, we can increase performance across all of your applications. Our QuickBox experts work extensively with different server types and with the platform so we know how to get the best out of your server for your users.

Don’t worry though, we always run benchmarks before and after we have finished optimizing your server so you can see how much performance you are now getting.

This service covers the following aspects:
  • Applying tested kernel tweaks to your server
  • Disabling of unneeded services that can consume RAM and slow your server down.

Want to take the management out of managing your server? Take a look at our Total Server Management service and get a $10 discount on optimizing your server too!

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