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Get other programs on QuickBox to use LE certs

  • Posted by JMSolo
  • On January 24, 2017
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This Wiki has been transcribed from it’s original author SavageCore Here is the procedure to get other programs using LE certs Replace USER with your username and DOMAIN with domain CSF: ZNC: Deluge: Now edit crontab to overwrite znc and deluge certs after renewal Now edit crontab with and contents: BTSync: (credit to d2dyno) 1. […]

Install Let’s Encrypt on your seedbox

  • Posted by JMSolo
  • On January 14, 2017
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Using Let’s Encrypt for SSL on your seedbox is a great way to have a valid certificate and avoid all the nag screens and exceptions that you have to jump through when dealing with self-signed certificates. Let’s Encrypt provides an easy way to obtain and install trusted certificates for absolutely no cost, other a couple […]