A Closer Look
Development Timeline.

QuickBox is a rapidly evolving platform and with updates happening nearly everyday. Feel free to follow along on our development pipeline to see what's been added and what is expected for future versions.

What's Currently In Development?

pyLoad: pyLoad is a download manager for 'Hoster' websites, video sites, and HTTP/FTP links.

SABnzbd: SABnzbd is a multi-platform binary newsgroup downloader. The program works in the background and simplifies the downloading verifying and extracting of files from Usenet. SABnzbd uses NZB files (similar to .torrent files, but for Usenet), instead of browsing Usenet directly.

Subsonic: is a web-based media server. It is written in Java, so it can run on any operating ... Two implementations of the Subsonic API are in Python. Iposonic, tested with xml and jsonp clients, requires no license fees or application servers.

Integration Status

The Arrival of NextCloud!

Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file sync and share and communication app platform. Access & sync your files, contacts, calendars & communicate and collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it!

Maintenance: Removed Numerous Lines of Unused Code

A More Lean & Accurate CPU Widget

Our previous iteration of the CPU widget was handing priority to disk IO rather than the actual load on the cpu. We have improved this considerably and now the widget takes into consideration the actual load on the the systems processor. Not only that, but we've chopped the cpu widgets code down from about 400 lines to just 27!

Addressed Deluge-Web Restart On Dashboard

Switched To box For Better Updates

We had noticed that the updates from the Dashboard were sometimes not as thorough as they should be. This was due to pulling the updated repo correctly, yet updating from a previous update file. This issue has been addressed as we now pull updates from guaranteed updated sources simultaneously.

Bandwidth Chart Produces More Accurate Readings


Introducing box -- QBPM just got better!

Building off of our CLI based updater, there have been a few tweaks to make installing and/or removing multiple applications at once a total breeze. Additionally, the new QBPM (QuickBox Package Management) codenamed: BOX now supports updating/upgrading your QuickBox. It's trully an all-in-one management utility for those of us who prefer rolling in ssh.
If you prefer to still use the GUI aspect of the installer you can call box without any arguments. box -h will show you a help screen.
Box Cheatsheet
# box -h
Usage: box [ install | remove | list | update ] pkg

Note: Only install and remove functions accept package arguments. List
   and update must be run without modifiers

install        The install function requies at least one package
               name as an argument but will accept multiples

               Example: box install quassel syncthing znc

remove         The remove function requies at least one package
               name as an argument but will accept multiples

               Example: box remove quassel syncthing znc

update         The update command will update your local QuickBox
               repository to the latest version

list           The list command will list packages available to be
               managed by box

Better Bandwidth Chart Approximation

Upload and Download is now measured properly in MB/s segments rather than KB. This allows a much more accurate system network read on the Bandwidth Chart.

Addressed Disk Percentage Calculations

Special thanks to @sadpanda for granting us access to their machine to troubleshoot and find a fix for this. There was an issue where on certain environments (i.e; Kimsufi Servers) the disk percentage on the Disk Status Widget was showing unreal values like used percentage %9500.

Numerous Translation Updates

Bandwidth Chart Is Now More Insightful

Previous iterations of the QuickBox Bandwidth chart on user dashboard were a single linear flow of a combination of up/down speeds on the server. We have now implemented the means to show upload and download speed as separate lines on the chart. Additionally, relevant speed and time values are now visible along the outter grid.

No More Vnstat Infite Looping

`popen()` can return `false` (something went wrong) or `null` (e.g. `popen()` is disabled), what results in a infinite loop when executing `while (!feof($fd) {}`

New Update Widget Added

Rather than having a button that is clicked from the user dropdown on the dashboards master account, we have now included a widget that displays an updated flow of recent commit history. This aids in taking the guesswork out of which updates/commits were recently pushed to the QuickBox stable/master branch on public release channels.

Better Plugin Toggles

In previous versions we used simple images as illustration if a plugin was installed/uninstalled. We have now updated this with physical toggle switches. This ensures that the load is lighter as not as many assets need to pull per page load and additionally aids in the translation in multiple languages.

Better Unpinned Widget Positioning

Now when unpinning a widget on the dashboard, it appears in the middle of the screen rather than getting lost in a negative position off screen... which at times led to it not allowing for it's retrieval.

Numerous Translation Updates

Danish Language Support

QuickBox now supports Danish! We would like to extend our thanks to @Globber for his contribution in translating QuickBox for our friends in Denmark

Syncthing Added As An Official Package

CSF (Config Server Firewall) Added As An Official Package


Updated OS check to be less crappy

The guts of the updateQuickBox command have been improved slightly. In previous versions the initial OS check was rather bulky and was intended more towards newer installs. We've summed this up into a much cleaner check for systemd, rather than the OS/Release versions.

More RUTorrent Themes Added

It was requested to have an additional set of Themes added to the default build of QuickBox. These themes are:

More Relaxed Polling Times on Widgets

Polling time on Widgets such as Disk Status and Additional Bandwidth Details are now set to make ajax refresh every 15 seconds rather than every (1) second

Web Console Update

It was requested that there be an update to the current Web Console delivered by QuickBox. Due to the limitations of the previous Web Console, it was suggested that we look into Shell-In-A-Box. After a couple of sleepless days, dozens of pots of coffee and some code murdering, we are happy to announce the launch of a much needed and long overdue fix to our Web Console! Now supporting a full feature set it makes working from your dashboard a breeze. Enjoy!

UX Improvements

There were a few glitchy bits on the dashboard that resulted in some unwanted or simply annoying behavior, the commits below have addressed a number of these issues to result in an easier to use UI.

Editing files in place

For security purposes we can now use the ed package to edit files in place, rather than relying on sed permissions in sudoers template.

systemd conversion

In an attempt to make the functionality of QuickBox a much smoother and future-proofed project, it has been decided to move QuickBox away from the shortcomings that come with the out-dated init of Linux. This will assist QuickBox in have it's service started in parallel rather than serially and loaded into memory. This in turn produces a much cleaner service recognition and has the added bonus of an unnecessary delay like that caused by init.

quota is now an independent package

One big request that has been made time and time again is by users who are running either bare metal and/or VM installs in solo mode, i.e; no additional users on the system. When such an environment is being ran, there is no need for quotas as the user will carry the entirety of the disk space. The option will now be included to either have Quotas installed, or remove them and add them back at any given time.

[fix] msie error in ajax requests for autodl-irssi

This issues a fix for a streaming msie error in ajax requests for autodl-irssi on users tab within ruTorrent. Since the error was ajax timer related, the result would issue a rather long and never ending string of .js errors in the user log, it would additionally keep any change in tabs within the ruTorrent GUI. Thanks to the users over at #T4K for pointing this out.

.m2ts format supported

An additional format (.m2ts) has been added to the support array of available screenshot formats. The addition of .m2ts will allow further support for BluRay. Special thanks to @demonotaku for pointing this out and supplying info.

[fix] changeUserPass

There was an issue wherein changing a users password would reset for ruTorrent and the QuickBox Dashboard. However, the change was not reflecting over to Deluge.

[enhancement] added upgradeDeluge function

Downloading Deluge from the repo within the initial install of QuickBox results in the install of Deluge 1.3.10. We have included a function that will address this in the chance a user would like to upgrade to a more recent 1.3.12

more public trackers added to known.list

One of the options of QuickBox is the ability to block public trackers from a users torrenting, thus adding another level of controlled security to the multi-user environment if one so chooses. We have added in another +285 known public trackers ips/host to aid in killing public swarm vulnerabilities.

QuickBox Package Management Center (cli)

We have added in the Package Management Center as a means to easily maintain your systems packages. It's a simple stroke of the keys QBPM as root for a handy batch installer that can be run directly after installation..

We hope this is not only a cleaner presentation to your available and installed packages, but is a bit more informative as to what they actually are.

QuickBox Package Management Center (UX)

We have added in the Package Management Center as a means to easily maintain your systems packages. Before, we had them stored much like the plugins in the menu. Additionally, there has been an awesome introduction that allows the batch installing of packages that are currently supported by QuickBox.

We hope this is not only a cleaner presentation to your available and installed packages, but is a bit more informative as to what they actually are. Additionally, it allows us to include packages that we are currently testing and offers a peek at what's to come. These up and coming packages will be listed as within your PMC.

Security Enhancements

Several security issues have been addressed as per discussions found with this reddit post. /bin/sed is no longer used in the sudoers template of QuickBox, this could result in a user creating a simple 2-line php file that could use sed to write their own username as a sudoer to the system, thus giving full root access. This was marked as critical and has been resolved.

Another of these that were labeled a higher priority was an issue wherein manually entered passwords with special characters, as well as auto-gen passwords with special characters were resulting in a foo-bar install. We would like to thank @T4K and his 'Bitch Squad' :P for the report.

Dashboard Improvements

As we all know by now, Deluge is working fantastically as a local thin-client as well as a remote web-client. With Deluge settling it's way into QuickBox there have been a few additional improvements and I will outline them as they are only a couple, but are certainly convenient.
  1. The changeUserPass command now changes a users password for both ruTorrent and Deluge. No longer needing to use two separate commands for the clients. Oh joy!
  2. Torrents held by Deluge are now counted on your dashboard within the Disk Widget along with ruTorrent. This will only show if you have Deluge installed on your server.