QuickBox Pro – v0.6.9

This release is considered to be a maintenance update. There are a few quirks that are still residual and floating about, and as we aim to mark more packages for multi-user availability, there are some reverse that are in need of adjustment. Additional to this is a bit of work on tidying up the packages themselves, such as removing unnecessary dependencies and tidbits of code.

QuickBox Pro – v0.6.8

Coming off of the massive core rewrite that was v0.6.5 , we are now closer to total stability in terms of the applications handled. This update addresses some remaining issues left-over. QuickBox Staff would like to give a big thank you to all the reports coming in that are helping us address this in such a fast turn around.

QuickBox Pro – v0.5.+

QuickBox v0.5.+ is one of our largest compiled releases to date! Packed with some awesome enhancements, several awesome features adding convenience, and a lot of bug fixes. I figured it would be great to go into a bit more detail on just what this release offers, as well as to discuss next release goals and future wishes.